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Visor Prices

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rc36, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. My son-in-law has an HJC SC12 Helmet and was rather shocked to find that replacement visors cost $49.95.

    Does anyone know where they can be sourced at a cheaper price than this??

    The visor Model # is HJ05

  2. That's $10 cheaper than a KBC VR-1 Visor. I just looked at Tinted (light & dark) and iridium tinted visors (reflective). They Cost $60!!
  3. Hey Josh are you picking up the bike tomorrow???
  4. Only $50????

    Try an Arai visor, they are upwards of $80 :(
  5. Bugger, this isn't looking good!
  6. My VR-1 was only $49.95 from PS in the city. I figured that was just RRP. :?
  7. My tinted one for a Shoei was $80, the iridium ones are over $100 :(

    They make a killing off the things, visors for the cheaper helmets can be $30, why do the expensive brands charge twice as much :evil:
  8. Because they figure if you can pay top dollar for the lid, they can charge you top dollar for the peripherals.
  9. And I was just considering going up market for my next lid... hmmm, bugger that. :LOL:
  10. Well consider this,my Shoei chrome visor is nearly 7 years old,it cost me $80 way back then and still looks like new except for a few very small stone chips. My 1st KBC VR-1 Chrome visor (only $50) lasted about 3 months before the chrome started to come off it :? I can use Mr Sheen,Plexus or whatever to clean my Shoei with no ill effect yet my KBC one i can only use a really soft cloth with warm water otherwise the visors stuffed in a few months.You pay for what you get peoples,stop being tightwads :LOL: :LOL:
  11. That you get waht you pay for is not in question here. My son-in-law is a young guy with a young family running his ZZR250 on a shoestring just cos he wants to ride. He has no idea of value of peripherals like visors cos he's only been riding for 6 months or so and was shocked that visors, even for a cheap helmet, could cost that much.
  12. I wasnt trying to pick on your son-in-law RC so much as pointing out there is a reason why some visors are more expensive than others :wink: And heres me thinkin $50 for a visor is cheap! :LOL:
  13. I SURE AM!!! However my Dad is going to ride it home as it's a 1hr ride on 100km/h roads. I was quite happy to ride it home but dad thinks it's best if he does.

    HOWEVER i will be out and about cruising Wollongong as soon as i get the bike home. That will be around 11:30am Tomorrow morning. I then have to go to a mates place for the start of a bucks party at 2:30pm....and you know what....YEP....i'll be riding to that one aswell, wearing my clown-like motodry textile pants, duo jacket, shiny new never before used helmet, gloves and yet to be worn in boots.

    WOOO HOOO what a hoot this will be!!!!!
  14. Has anyone got or have an opinion of the Fog City Hyper Pro visors..
    I have a Shoei lid and wanna go iridium visor but don't really wanna get caught at night with it on.
  15. That is true. I had a cheap Nitro helmet for 3 months and it got a few light scratches and chips, I dont even know how.
    The Shoei visor after 6 months used every day is still perfect, I cant see a single scratch on it.

    So I guess it is made from better stuff after all.
  16. Just an indication, my HJ05 Iriduim visor was $70. HJ05 clear are around the $45 mark. So HJ07 would be around the same price.
  17. yep, hjc visors, the clear ones are around $50 (expensive for the stores to buy too)

    $70 tinted shoei/arai
    $100 upwards for the iridium
    kbc clear ones are cheaper.. when i broke mine a year ago it was $30 roughly

    Cheapest ones are the nitro and rxt ones

    don't blame the stores - they have to go by what the manufacturers charge them
  18. woo-hoo, tanya, I've got a nitro! (and bears out the "expensive helmet expensive peripherals" theory!
  19. Thanks for the info, peoples, mucho obliged.
    I guess the boy is just going to have to bite the bullet, so to speak.
  20. :shock:
    And here I was thinking of getting a suomy helmet for christmas.
    I got a Nitro NV610 .. iridium visor cost me $30 ... 6 mths later the visor is still as new...
    Its never been as firm on my head as I now know it should be, hense the reason for another helmet
    :p :p
    Perhaps an upgrade to another nirto is on the cards.