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Visor opinion

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by botch, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Hey guys

    I have a Shark VisionR II in matte black/matte grey.

    I am going to order a new visor soon, either plain tinted or iridium. So far leaning to iridium.

    What are your opinions? Plain black because it's a matte helmet? Or just go the mirror look?

  2. The mirror look is always good!!

    I had one on my shoei, looked awesome! Although I just got a Shark skwal, and with those built in sunnies I've just stuck with a clear visor, still looks pretty trick!
  3. Yeah I like the mirror look too.
  4. on a matte black helmet I'd lean towards a black visor
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  5. Haha....i think the black would look better with matte black/grey aswell, i just like the look of mirror visors!

    Decisions decisions!
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  6. which one is less likely to get defected? :p
  7. Neither I would have thought!
  8. yeah i have one of the matte black Shoei Gt-airs and literally today just purchased a black tinted visor. Goes well will the black, Imo irridium would look a bit off. More suited towards shiny brighter coloured helmets. Looks maaad with that stealth kinda black look. Plus the irridium was an extra $50 so win win. But yeah up to you, i have the blue iridium/tinted on my kabuto helmet too. Just sorta mix and match, maybe ask to try one on your helmet and see what they say.
  9. I ended up ordering an iridium one, because there's a country wide shortage of plain black for my helmet at the moment
    Though speaking with the guy, he said its quite a dark chrome looking mirror, so i guess we'll see how it all goes.
    Plus only $10 difference.

    I'll post a pic when it gets here
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  10. Before and after....looks better than I expected. Gonna be a biatch to keep fingerprint free though!!

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  11. You can see your reflection taking the picture .....you really should wear pants when taking happy snaps :p. Helmet and visor looks good (y)
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  12. dude
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  13. iridium all the way - good choice
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  14. looks gooood!
  15. I was wearing my gstring to keep the important bits in place :p:whistle:
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