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Visor Fogging,- Any Good Products?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Denial, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Anyone know of any good cleaners or other products for treating your visor to reduce fogging?

  2. I use Mr Sheen, that seems to do the job ok unless the fog is really bad.
  3. I was using Mr Sheen, but that seemed worse than it was before I used it. Picked up some Cat Crap today and I'm pretty impressed. If you do half your visor and then breathe warmly onto both sides, you can see about a 75-80% reduction on the side with it on. Not a complete cure, but it has my seal of approval. (y)
  4. Nothing works at all.

    I've tried dishwashing liquid, potato's, rainX, cat crap, inserts, fogtech, plexus and the conclusion that I've come to is that they are all shit.

    Nothing works for more than a day or so. Some treatments last a few days and then need to be reapplied.

    The last insert I got (Rjays) was great for about a week then it too started to fog.
    I just spray it with plexus every couple of days now and be done with it.

    I've given up trying to achieve a permanent solution, other than not breathing for the entire ride ;)
  5. I had too until a mate suggested a Pin lock insert... it is THE ONLY one that has worked inside my XR1000.. one of the great things about it is that it is removable and can swap for different tints.. no sticky stuff, just little pins that hold it in place
  6. I tried all the rainx, fog off etc but nothing worked for me in the cold Canberra temps where it's commonly below 0 when riding to work in the morning. It would literally fog within seconds of riding with visor down.

    A visor insert did the trick, no more fogging ever. I can't seem to find the box it came in, but I can see "Hyper Optiks light reactive anti fog visor insert" on the insert itself. Works brilliantly.
  7. Sounds like a FogCity
  8. Problem with the wipe on products that i found, was that every few days you needed to reapply the product.
    Visor inserts worked for me as a better alternative.
    My current helmet has a visor that is supposedly anti-fog, but it stills fogs up when stationary, but quickly clears once moving.
  9. Yeah I'm noticing that about the Cat Crap. Was brilliant on the first application, but even the next day it's effectiveness was noticeably less. I might try visor inserts, I hate fogging.
  10. If you go the way of inserts, make sure your visor is clean, no dust before applying.
    Make sure that you stick it on thoroughly, if it gets a tiny air gap, it will fog up rendering totally useless.
  11. that is the beauty of the pinlock, you can just unclip it if you want to clean on the inside or even swap to a darker insert..

    then just re-clip it back in
  12. I've got the pinlock insert on my helmet and it is great for antifog but I would add a caution. It has been on for nearly a year now and there are noticeable scratches on both the insert and the visor lens around the edge of the insert on the surfaces that are touching. Must be a vibration thing making them rub together and scratch. Eventually I think it will make the visor and the insert useless - a nuisance but worth it to be able to ride through winter without fogging.
  13. Yea I use a clear visor with a Nolan anti fog insert at night, works wonders. I can actually see the fog build up above the top edge of the insert, but there's never any actually blocking my vision.
  14. It's all about retaining moisture.
    Just tape a tampon to both sides of your visor.
    You may look like a ****, but at least you'll see the other ****s on the road.
  15. Adhesive inserts don't last long if you're changing your visors more than a couple of times (tint to clear for night etc) as the flex invloved breaks the sticky seal, allowing condensation between as mentioned above.

    My most effective and durable solution has been a Fog-Off face-mask - neoprene so it smells like a wetsuit, but it channels your breath down and out below your helmet. It's a bit intrusive and an extra item to put on/take off every time, but has the added advantage of keeping your face and neck mostly warm.
  16. mid winter really cold mornings, instant visor total whiteout... the only thing i've found that ever worked for me was ripping the visor off, throwing it as hard as i could, only to find it landed about two metres away, then jumping and stamping it into the ground, then going to a camping store and buying some snow ski goggles and stretching them around my helmet instead...they worked really good, but my face froze off...a small price to pay for being able to see where i was going though.
    ...hopefully, by next winter i will have grown a full and unkept beard...which i intend to carefully trim to fit the exact outline of the goggles...then apply about 20 coats of hairspray followed by 2 coats of a clear acrylic to ensure it's watertight..
  17. +1 Fogoff is a dual purpose item warmth and fog free.
  18. My new visor (Shark RSI) fogs up really badly to the extent that Ive actually ridden in the pouring rain with it up (no point in having a visor, really then)......anyway, Ive been using Mr Sheen with moderate success on other visors but this new one is really stubborn. Someone suggested a small blob of dishwashing liquid rubbed in......does this include the outside of the visor as well? Would this bubble up during rain? I really want to try this idea out but dont want to make it worse than before (if that could be possible)
  19. +1

    I bought a new Nolan helmet a few months back and I'm finding the same thing. It actually works.