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Visor fog

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Rockjob, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Riding in wet weather my visor can fog up on the inside unless I leave it open. My helmet has a de-mister vents, but as soon as I stop at lights it fogs up again like a mofo.

    I know you can buy special magical sprays and what not, but I read on some website that people(in south africa) were using what I believe was some equilivant of mr sheen.

    Are there any household remedies for this?

    (I already searched this but got no solid hits)

  2. I use Catcrap, this is the best solution.

    Otherwise, if youre looking for the 'cheap' option, use some washing up liquid on the inside of the visor, works pretty well........
  3. Thanks guys
    I might try the dishwashing liquid until I get some catcrap.
    On the upside the dishwashing liquid might make my helmet "lemon fresh"
  4. dog crap also works quite well :cool: but wont leave your helmet smelling lemony fresh.

    ill give the disho a crack.

    i remember that shaving cream used to stop the bathroom mirror fogging up anyone given that a go?
  5. I wouldn't, from what i've heard some shaving cream removes clearcoat, so it'd be rubbish for the helmet finish.
  6. catcrap

    I bought catcrap a cpl of weeks ago... I must be doing something wrong cause my visor still fogs up at lights every morning.
    I am rubbing it on the inside of the visor with my fingers, until the entire inside of the visor is smeary, then i'm using a soft cloth to rub it off still its nice and clear.???
  7. I think cat crap would stop your visor from fogging up from it being humid and you face radiating heat. As for your breath, I doubt anything can do that.

    I tried some mr sheen on my visor this morning. I think it might work. It would still fog up when I would stop at lights, but my guess is that it was from my breath rather than anything else. It no longer fogged up while I was moving.

    I would really like someone else to try this out to confirm if it actually does anything. (Note: Obvious or not, spray onto a cloth away from the helmet. Butane mealts foam.)
  8. i wouldve thought the point would be to reduce fog when stopped at the lights aswell.
  9. Re: catcrap

    You need to start with a very very clean visor. Apply the cat crap and then buff out.

    Just don't over buff and wipe it all away ;)
  10. I have both a breath guard on my shoei, and Also using a serius face mask, eliminates all the fog, havent had a problem since
  11. Try not breathing if all else fails. :p
  12. you can also just open your visor 1 notch..
  13. YEah catcrap did bugger all for me. Ended up getting a breath guard to suit my shoei. Just clips in and it works a treat. You can also get stick on films for the inside of your visor. They work an absolute treat but at around $50 can be expensive if you use more than one visor. Theyre a biatch to fit but they do work.

    Your visor will still fog up even being open just 1 notch. Needs to be pretty much fully open. If you dont wanna spend cash, learn to hold your breath at the lights. :LOL:
  14. Some helmets/visors are already anti-fog - like my new AGV. Although the tinted visor for the same helmet isn't. :p

    For my old KBC though, a Fogcity insert worked wonders. No matter how cold it is, you can't fog up one of those if applied properly. If you don't get the light-reactive one, should only be about $30.
  15. Re: catcrap

    :shock: :shock:
    Oops ..
  16. Breathe guard and half balaclava works for me when it's raining or cold.
  17. Ive heard pee on a rag and applying to visor could help.....or it could just be funny if someone tried it :LOL:
  18. fog off mask works for me
  19. stupid question but i need some clarafication!

    Why would they name the product "cat crap"?

    Is it made from what i think it is...

    (i understand flea market)