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visor fog

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by voyager, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. How do you stop a visor from becoming little more than a fog-attractor ? Currently can't put mine down at all with any hope of seeing things. Is it a speed thing, or do I need to clean it with toothpaste ? (old scuba trick).

    Some advice would be most welcome.

  2. You can buy anti-fog inserts. I used pro-grip antifog inserts before and they worked well (I had the light reactive ones and they were not very light reactive though - fogCity brand light reactive ones do work though). One other brand that many people suggest is 'pin-lock' (I think it is a brand...)

    I leave my visor open just very slightly to get air flow through - this negates all fog, and given the current conditions is acceptable. In winter i get a cold nose this way...

    Or you can do the short term 'tricks' such as the toothpaste, bar of soap, etc.
  3. Fog insert

    I bought one of those FogCity inserts from TW performance.
    It works well at reducing the fog. You inseret it on the inside of the visor where it traps some air. You can't remove it as it is glued in place by the tacky edges. I bought the light reactive type - only it doesn't seem to react. It appears slightly tinted which helps a little.

    I sometimes wear glasses and the insert resulted in a clear visor but fogged up glasses! I don't bother with the glasses now. It cost about $58.00

    There are other brands at the bike shops for about $25.00.
  4. I hear toothpaste works, as does shaving cream but without that fresh minty taste. If you wear glasses anything you put on your visor you also have do them with. I also hear good things about the pinlock visors but personally I just keep mine a few mill open while riding slow.

    It's definitely a speed thing. Most resonable to good quality helmets have air flow that clears the visor, make sure your front vent is open. If you're doing more than 60ish then you should be able to have your visor fully shut, 20-60ish then you'll probably have to open it slightly and stopped at the lights you'll have to open it fully up. This is all for winter, as it get's warmer the fog problem goes away.
  5. I tried leaving mine slightly open, but it still fogged. Maybe I wasn't going fast enough. I'll check on the inserts tomorrow at the bike store.

    Is there anything else I can try ?
  6. Go Faster :):):):)

    (please excuse my irresponcible moment)
  7. Obviously you've seen me ride...
  8. buy Rain-X brand fog stuff, get it from kmart or anywhere, works very well
  9. Is Rain-X safe on a plastic visor ? I would have thought they wouldn't mix.
  10. That shit is woefull.
  11. Very safe. Used it for years
  12. Fog sticks to a dirty visor.
    Toothpaste gets the visor extremely clean due to its abrasive nature.

    Morning Fresh works very well.
    Seriously! Try it.

    A few drops on the visor, smear it everywhere then polish it off, breath on the visor and come back and tell me that you couldnt make it fog up.
    It will only last for a couple of days though.

    A clean visor will not fog up.

    The stuff that we were selling at the expo works very well in cleaning a visor. A few people bought it, what are your experiences?

    If you are compelled to spend money then sure get yourself a FogShitty of a pinlok visor insert.
    But for what a bottle of morning fresh costs..........................
  13. Clean the inside with Plexus and a soft cloth.

    Since I started that, never had a fog problem except for my glass's.
  14. MorningFresh I can do - easy ! I don't mind doing that before any serious ride. Around the neighbourhood I just leave the visor up anyway.
  15. they were talking about them the other night .
    be carefull which one you get (inserts) as some dont work very well on rounded visors .
    if you get to coffee on friday , i will put you intouch with the person who were chating about them , or were you there when they were talking about it ? i cant remember :LOL:
  16. foggy visors

    :idea: Hi, metho works well to clean and keep it dry, moisture and metho don't like each other.
  17. I use a Scotts anti fog cloth about $3.50 from most bike shops, designed for goggles but works well for several days on a visor. Even on cold wet mornigns I don't need to open my visor unless I am stuck in heavy trafffic.

    Hendo55 8)
  18. Have not tried it yet ($2.50 to the coffers), but I thought it was a bottle of watered down windex :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: 8)

  19. Actually its not. Its very good window cleaner with an additive to prevent it leaving any residue.
  20. This subject came up in a previous thread maybe a search will reveal it. One suggestion was dry cake of soap rubbed all over & rubbed off any that isn't removed & gets wet well! Bubbles & foam! or I have an open faced lid! Have borrowed a full face for the Sydney ride & was asked last night how it felt after my first ride. Answer claustrophobic! reply well you can open the visor, my response what you mean you want me to close it!