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Visor fog

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OldNick, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Is there a way that everybody agrees on that will stop fogging...well foggin?

    I have tried spit, detergent (worked on my galsses but not my visor), rubbing alcohol, wd40. None worked if I removed them well enough to stop smearing on the visor before it even fogged up.

    So do any of the proprietary ones work? I treied Rain-X Anti Fog on a windscreen once and it sort of worked, but the trouble was getting uniform coverage and stopping streaking. IIRC I also tried it on sunglasses and all that happened was that I had drops of water all over...maybe I used Rain_x instead of anti-fog.

    Anyway...thanks for any experiencial replies.

  2. yeah ok...sitting at the lights or in traffic jam on a cold, wet day?
  3. Most of what you've posted may work to some extent - the Pin-Loc visor inserts work well if you can find one for your lid (they are expensive though).

    The only fool proof, guaranteed option is an open face, piss pot helmet unfortunately.
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  4. A helmet with a pinlock or a fogcity insert sticker.
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  5. Its all in the breathing. Trick is, to inhale only.
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  6. #7 oldcorollas, Aug 17, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2015
    well, technically you either increase the hydrophilicity, so any condensed moisture fully wets the surface and doesn't form individual small droplets..
    or you increase the hydrophobicity so any small droplets roll down before they are visible and intefere with vision
    or you remove nucleation points on the surface...
    or you increase temp of the visor... (effectively increasing dewpoint)
    or you decrease the temp/water content of your breath by dilution (airflow)...

    rain-x = hydrophobicity (silicone?)
    detergent.. surfactants have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic ends, so depends which end sticks to the polycarbonate
    alcohol - cleaning to remove nucleation points
    WD40 = hydrophobicity (mineral oil)
    spit.. not sure on that one..

    for hydrophobic things.. they'd need to be super-hydrophobic.. Rain-x works because rain drops are big, and airflow helps blow them away
    but TBH, I think oily hydrophobic things are not the way to go
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  7. Bell RS1. Visor has never fogged up on me yet
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  8. pinlock

    /end thread
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  9. Go the pinloc or fogcity. I don't have pinloc helmet that's why I went fogcity.Can't fault it
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  10. Damn, beaten by only 37 min. :arghh::depressed::sour::bigtears::'(:-(:p>:O
  11. When using a full face helmet I just pop up the visor a bit. It is not 100% comfortable, but it is a bike not a Rolls Royce. Not that I have ever ridden in a Rolls.
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  12. Yo
    u are being very frivolous tonight
    this is a very serious matter that was discussed at great length about 2 weeks ago ...where is Justus to stop this shenanigans of mutliple threads on the one topic I ask!
  13. Shhh! He is sleeping. He stayed awake for 2 years solid on NR and now he is getting some rest.
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    Don't you take that tone with me young man!
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  15. Where are my slippers?
  16. Next to your pipe where you left them
  17. On your Mum's bedside table?? :wideyed:
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  18. I knew you were old but didn't ever pick OldmaidOldmaid was your daughter.
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  19. Yep next to her dentures in the glass with a steradent tablet fizzin away with the candle gently casting shadows across the bottom plate...