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visor color

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spada stunter, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. irridum

  2. black

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  3. clear

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  4. dont have a visor

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  1. Whats your visor color POLL

    mine helmet is a SHARK RSF 1 black and silver
    i have 3 visors
    irridum visor
    black visor
    clear visor

    i like my irridum visor the best.
  2. Where's the clear option? (that's all I've got since I gave up trying to order a tinted one from a certain local Kawasaki dealer after the 6th attempt :evil: ).
  3. Iridiums look great when new, but after a while they are a pain in the proverbial.

    I've had 2 in the past, and with everyday riding in all weather, it never took long before they became scratched and were dangerous to look through in certain lighting conditions.

    So from now on it's normal tinting for me.
  4. Cant vote cos i have 2 :?
  5. but you can justify ~$7k for a 250cc bike or $400+ for a piece of cow? :wink: :p

    tinted visors are VERY helpful on bright days, much better than riding with sunnies on (comfort and visibility wise) or going squint styles.
  6. technically white but I seem to range anywhere from white to pink to brown to some wort of weird pissy yellow colour depending on what part of me you're looking at. :LOL:
  7. Only if you remember to pack a clear visor for when it gets dark/overcast. I prefer riding with sunnies on for the simple fact that it means at low speeds I can ride with the visor up without stuff getting in my eyes, they're quick and easy to take off and they don't really bother me at all comfort-wise. Still to each their own I guess.
  8. i got a black tint and also i got a clear
    thats all i wanted lol
  9. Clear..... :evil: but I want a black one!!
  10. riding to work/hospital at the moment, yeah, i'll do the sunnies thing. but if i'm going somewhere that i know i'll be home before dark from, then its tint all the way. its comfier and clearer, worth every cent of the $50 in my books....
  11. Much better, thanks
    Clear for moi, and I wear Polaroid prescription sunnies to take care of the cosmics....
  12. I've owned a blue iridium(arai) for 10 months now and not a scratch on it!.....note that i am a tightass and really look after it

    I do find a big difference riding in daylight with them....fantastic for cutting out glare and excess light....love em!
  13. Yeah if I could guarantee that I would make it home by the time it got dark then I can see the value of tinted, I commute from Mt Martha to the city and work long hours. But untill then it's sunnies for me. :cool:

    As above has anyone tried the light sensitive films you can apply to visors? These seem a good compromise.
  14. where is the chrome option?
  15. I think chrome comes under iridium or tinted.
    Hence chrome would be black??????
    start the poll again!!!

  16. A friend of mine has the light sensitive anti fog film.
    It does darken a touch but not overly so but it doesn't go completely clear either so that it has a darkish tint.
  17. got one of each... irridium, tinted, clear..
  18. dont waste your money on irridium ones coz they scratch easily coz they are coated outside. best to get a clear and a tinted one.
  19. I had a progrip fog lense ,it was not the coloured style ,just little tinted.

    As the lense sticks to the inside of the visor {see dark 4mm strip around the lense} this restricted my peripheral vision ,ALOT.

    Also ,as my progrip tinted fog lense was not the best for bright sun ,i would take clear visor off and put my $30 black visor on ,and the visor would expands when not on the helmet ,and the lense would come off every time i would change visor and have to stick it down again ,each time it would lose its sticking power.
    And yes i did put it on 100% right the first time.

    Then last straw was when it came loose and i couldn't see doing 90 kph on a freeway ,and it was on a angle and leaning on my eyes.

    Result ...,IN THE BIN IT WENT.

    Got some rainX ,no fog anymore ,good stuff.