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Visor Cleaning products?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MR_PEA, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. im a bit of a noob when it come to cleaning plastics..
    i am picking up my VTR250 tomorrow and after trying my new helmet on last night, i have found that the visor has some much on it from the stickers that were on it..

    when it comes to vision I am a bit of a clean freak and hate having my vision disturbed.

    for my car i have Meguires Glass cleaner which works fantastic, would this be suitable for my plastic Visor? or would you just use water?
  2. visors have strange and mysterious coatings that can be damaged by cleaners. I only use water or plexus on the outside..
  3. Spraway #50 glass cleaner.

    Available from here

    Ammonia free and works a treat.

    Irridium visors are a bastard to clean without damaging them. I would only use water and a tissue on Irridium.

    Tinted and clear visors you can "abuse" and they are pretty resilient.
  4. sorry but its a Shark Helmet with a clear visor...

    Meg's is ammonia free and works awesome on tinted windows ect...
    still reccon no good?

    i sell plexus at work ill get some of that. as its specified for plastic......
  5. shark have an anti fog coating inside so I'm a bit wary about putting plexus on the inside
  6. vu-plex,plexus or mr sheen with a mico fiber cloth on my iridium and clear visor all work great.
    no scratching.
  7. I've only ever used soap and water, with my fingertips to scrub it in. Works for me and my visors last for ages (although I've not had an iridium one so can't comment there).
  8. Plexus, Vuplex or Mr Sheen I use either on my Shark helmet, work a treat.
  9. What price does your work sell plexus for MR PEA?
  10. Mr Sheen is your friend.
  11. not sure under 20.... but over 10.
  12. RRP???
  13. yea RRP...
  14. Mr Sheen for the inside
    Plexus for the outside.
  15. Less than $20 RRP... where do you work dude...?!?! Actually, how about you get a couple more posts up and PM me... I don't want to start a stampede!
  16. I use plexus a lot... That's a bloody good price for the 13oz size... unfortuantely don't bother ordering online... the delivery and "dangerous" surchage make it way more expensive than your local MC shop.

    Thanks for the tip off mate :)
  17. I got a tip from an "old school" motorcyclist.....
    every couple of months he cleans his visor with toothpaste, reckons it buffs out small scratches. he demonstrated on my old clear visor, applied the toothpaste to a clean rag, spread it over the visor in little circles, left it to dry, then buffed it off. It did make a slight improvement.
  18. [​IMG]

    currently we are stocking this product...
    but the boss is looking to get back plexus at that price.
    im located in Mentone Autobarn. but only work on weekends.

    getting back on topic, the issues is with the inside of the visor, where the anti fog coating is.the problem is finger prints.... :?
    ill call peter stevens where i bought the helmet from tomorrow. and ask what i should try...

    Cheers for the input guys