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Visiting Australia & hoping to hire a bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by sam88t, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    I am a 28 year old male and I have been riding for 5 years or so in the UK.

    I started riding after deciding one day that I'd had enough of sitting in traffic! (anyone that has been to the UK will know that rush hour traffic lasts for at least 2 hours morning and night and affects even the smallest of towns in our small and well populated country...).

    However, I have fallen in love with getting out on the country lanes and really getting to know the bikes I have owned and the roads around where I live.

    I will be coming to Australia for 3 weeks in October and I am looking to hire a motorbike to ride from Sydney to Brisbane over 3 days - does anyone have any recommendations for which companies to use and which to avoid?

    Also, if there are any roads/locations on that route that are worth a visit, then please let me know!

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. Welcome to NR from Adelaide South Australia. I would land in Melbourne and ride ti Brisband if I had 3 weeks. The locals can give you all of the low downs for their patch.
  3. Hello sam88tsam88t & welcome :)

    Well I am not sure which company is good to hire down in Syd way, but I know a lot of good roads to do between the two places.

    Jeebers! 3 days is doable but can't you make it 3 weeks and really see the place? ;)
    If you swing by the Gold Coast gimme a hoy, or depending on the dates I may even ride south a bit and meet you somewhere and show you roads to Brisbane.

    Things to consider;
    From Sydney a good stop over place is Port Macquarie (coast route) or Walcha or Uralla (inland).

    On Oct it is starting to get hot towards the north.

    If you have some ideas of the dates and if there are any places in peri cult you'd like to see post them up. people may have more suggestions.

    I'll see when I can get onto a proper computer and post some google map routes :)
  4. welcome aboard :)

    Hope you have great time whilst down under
  5. There aren't as great a range of bike rental places as there are in the UK or Europe but Garners have both Melbourne and Sydney outlets.
  6. You may have an issue with a "one way" rental.
  7. what he said. But if you can organise it, and if it was me, I would do something like:
    Day 1: Sydney - Wollombi - Laurieton (via either Lakes Way or Wootton Way)
    Day 2: Laurieton - Port Macquarie - Byron Bay via Lennox Head (try to fit in Comboyne Plateau and Waterfall Way on the way)
    Day 3: Byron - Brisbane via Pottsville and Surfers Paradise

    Lots of options. Just get off the highway whenever you can and see some of the beaches
  8. Day 1 - Sydney > singleton > Gloucester > port Macquarie
    Day 2 - Port Macquarie > Walcha > ebor > Grafton
    Day 3 - Grafton > Lismore > Murwillumbah > Numinbah Valley > Brisbane
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  9. Pacific Hwy is always nice for motorbikes!

    Seriously though, on the leg into Brissy go one of the mountain pass routes - great scenic twisty roads. Like ValvolineValvoline said, post your dates and someone can probably meet you along the way show you the good roads. Most of the axe murderers have left this site so you should be safe, except for drop-bears of course!
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  10. From Garners:

    One-way hire fees:
    • Melbourne – Sydney $199 AUD
    • Melbourne – Brisbane $349 AUD
    • Melbourne – Cairns $699 AUD
    • Melbourne – Perth $799 AUD
    • Melbourne - Adelaide $299 AUD
    • Melbourne - Darwin $799 AUD
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  11. Thanks for all the replies people, much appreciated!

    Annoyingly I can only really do 3-4 days riding as I'm spending time with friends and family down under.

    Just had a spanner thrown in the works with a bike company I was inquiring with as they only do 1 week minimum rentals but I'm sure I'll figure something out. (bikescape/bikeroundoz)

    If I can get a bike I'll do either Sun 16th Oct - Weds 19th or Mon-Weds dependent on budget.

    I'll post an update when I know more.
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  12. Family are soooo overrated. Ditch them for a start. Lol
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  13. Ok, I've managed to hire a bike for four days from Sydney to Brisbane - picking it up on the Sunday morning (16th Oct) and dropping it off at 5 on the Weds (19th).

    Currently I have this:
    Day 1 - Sydney to Scone via the Blue Mountains
    Day 2 - Scone to Coffs Harbour via Tamworth and the waterfall way
    Day 3 - Coffs to Byron Bay (lots of beach visits)
    Day 4 - Byron to Brisbane via Tamborine Mountain

    If anyone fancies meeting up that'd be fantastic, or has feedback on the route then feel free to shoot it to bits!
  14. Hey Sam,
    From Byron recommend you head via Murwillumbah and Numinbah Valley into QLD which comes out around Tamborine. Or if you're more adventurous you could go inland to Nimbin (our little hippy hideaway) then back thru Murwillumbah into QLD. Post up again closer to the date and may be able to meet you along the way
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