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Visit from Switzerland

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tsengo, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Hi!

    I'm from Switzerland and right now preparing a 2 month trip from Darwin to Perth for november and december this year. Actually I'm looking for company, especially for the off-road part of my trip. My main off-road goal is the Gibb river Road around 10.-15.11.2015, if it is still open... Is there anyone around who is interested in joining me?
    And if you have any proposals, what to do or absolutely not to do in western australia I am thankful for it.

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  2. don't travel alone
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  3. Don't worry, I won't ride off-road alone!
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  4. Welcome, it can be wet and hot around the top end at that time of the year, some good wet weather gear might be wise. If you are going off road check with the locals at the closest town re road conditions etc. Carry plenty of water and a puncture repair kit. Have a safe trip and maybe post up some pics as you go.
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  5. Have a plan for every day and stick to the plan. If you have to VARY the plan, tell at least two people the variations. Australia's a huge place and you will be a microscopic speck in the landscape, if they have to look for you in a place where you ARE, it will be a challenge. If they have to look for you in a place where they EXPECT you to be, but you're NOT, they'll as likely never find you.
    Take an EPIRB, Distress radiobeacon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    You can hire them, I think.
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  6. That would be a fabulous trip......... I can't wait to retire.

    Take the advice seriously TsengoTsengo plan well and you'll love it. All the best and keep us updated to inspire others.
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    Sounds like a great trip, you are late in the season so it will be very hot with sudden intermittent rain although you are not in the full wet season. They do a final grade of the road October and it should still be open. You will need to check its status before setting out, most insurance is void if you travel the road when it is officially closed. November travel is generally not recommended because of the heat and humidity. Are you able to come a bit earlier perhaps?

    Gibb River Road, The Kimberley WA
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  8. Sounds like a great adventure. Keep in mind there is NO mobile phone coverage. The Gibb River road is quite popular during the main tourist (June - August) season but as you are planning to travel very close to wet season/road closures ( which also means very hot and humid) there will be very few on the road if you need help.. A hired EPIRB is absolutely essential for emergencies. Perhaps also hiring a satellite phone should be considered. Also assuming, you ( or travelling companion/s), are well practiced beforehand at repairing punctures and will be carry spare tyre/s, pump etc . The roads are known for having sharp rocks.
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  9. rent or get your hand on a satellite phone if you end up going alone or at least get a gps emergency beacon. As mentioned, puncture repair kits a must. Hope you'll find someone to join you. Perhaps you should try to contact the local Ulysses club and see if you can find a riding partner!
  10. If you've never been to Australia before, it is a HUGE place with a Tiny Population, mostly concentrated in the big cities. Once you get away from the big cities it is desolate and inhospitable. Don't get me wrong, it's also very beautiful. So please take the advice above very seriously, maybe even source a satellite phone. Plenty of water is a must as the heat and humidity will dehydrate you very quickly. Better still electrolyte drinks like powerade to replace electrolytes that sweat takes out, that will help with concentration. Many people concentrate so much on the equipment they need, they forget about the riders needs, preparation and conditioning.
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  11. For me it is just too late in the season to be doing that ride. In Augusta it can be 36c or higher and it is going to be a lot hotter in December. The weather can get real nasty in the wet season (cyclone's) And it is not a good place to learn the hard way.
    I am planning to be up that way in 2018 and we are going in September and that is a late in the year that I would be riding up there. The best time up there is in June to July with temps of about 32c.
  12. I wish I could come earlier, but it is not possibly. Thanks for the hint to the local Ulysses club. I'll try this!

    I did the silk road last summer (July-September 2014), including the iranian desert in august (temperatures up to 53°C). So I think I have some idea what it means to travel north australia in this season, even thou it will be much more humid.

    Thanks for your advises. I'll take them serious and try my best to be properly prepared!

    And you'll get pics and impressions as soon as I am on the road:)
  13. The middle east and all those countries are "busy towns" compared to the outback. And there is no two places that are the same. And the other thing you need to consider is the critters that can kill you. Be on your guard, really, get a GPS beacon or a Satellite phone if you can.
  14. Also remember Skippy hour, dawn and dusk when kangaroos and other wildlife are moving around, northern wildlife is not cute and cuddley, make sure you camp well before dusk and definitely DO NOT travel at night
  15. And always check your boots and clothes before putting them on. Snakes and spiders like to climb in them while you sleep. Australia has the top 3 most venomous snakes in the world.
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  16. Get him to watch Wolf Creek.

    He wont go near the place.
  17. he is a she
    even more funs
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  18. Yes with all the screaming.
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    The rivers along the Gibb River Road are inhabited by both freshwater and saltwater crocodiles. While both can be dangerous, it is the salties you must be particularly wary of as they are large, strong, territorial, aggressive and as such, deadly. Despite the name, saltwater crocodiles live in freshwater, and this is true of the rivers in The Kimberley. Familiarise yourself with crocodile safety before entering this region. Camping next to some rivers and/ or swimming/frolicking can be a little hazardous.
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