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Vision Question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cruisee73, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Newby rider and Im having real issues with my visor and glasses and even mirrors fogging up. I'm talking I have to keep the visor open at all times and if I turn my head to headcheck i fog up immediately. And this is riding in very cold conditions in the Mountains. Summer'll be impossible.

    I've just bought some Catcrap in the hopes this will assist on my visor and maybe mirrors but I doubt I should put it on my glasses especially as they get wedged up against my face in the helmet and God knows what that stuff does in your eye.

    I may have to go back to contacts but then I'll also need a tinted visor as Im not great in glare and I'd have to chop and change for night riding etc.

    Suppose Im wondering if any other 4 eyed brethran can nominate a you beaut product or old wives tale like rubbing potato peels on your elbows or keeping your helmet in the freezer between rides or something.


  2. You'll only find its a problem on cold mornings. In summer it goes away.
    An option is to use dishwashing liquid to de-fog. Just wipe it on thinly (only a small amount) and then wipe it off. This should help a bit. It's what NASA uses!
  3. have a search as guys hear in Vic have fog inserts on visors and I do belive there is a tinted version as well, PM Minglis and ask as he has one. and they work !!
  4. Get yourself a Pinlock anti fog visor. This is a thin strip that locks inside your visor. Comes in clear and various shades so you can use clear visor and change pin locks depending on conditions. No idea how it works but absolutely amazing. Had mine installed in April and never take it out-forget it's there. Makes an amazing difference. Visor never fogs. Google for an Aust distributor. I got mine from a guy in the blue mountains. PM me if you want and I will try to track down his details.
  5. Fogcity inserts work for me but I wear contact lenses.
  6. Pinlock inserts work really well, just make sure you follow the instructions and install it correctly. (not hard to do.)

    You can actually see a thin bit of fog around my insert but the insert itself never fogs up.
  7. Another fan of Pinlock here.

    I found that removing the chin spoiler from my lid helps to prevent my glasses from fogging, it lets a little more air circulate.
  8. Summer the problem will more-or-less go away. I only have trouble in Winter.

    Mind you, I almost never close my visor. Only if my eyeballs are about to freese out of my skull or I get sick of the rain.
  9. Anti-fog films on visors can help (some helmets come with these as standard).
    A breath-guard/breath-deflector on the helmet usually helps a LOT too. Some helmets come with them standard, some of them are accessories/options.

    [​IMG] <-- breath deflector.

    Could get a "Fog-off" type mask to wear under the helmet, which is a breath deflector taken to the next level. http://www.bikebiz.com.au/products/Dririder-Fogg-Off-Face-Mask.html

    Some Shark helmets (e.g. RSR2) come with both a summer breath deflector and a full fog mask for winter. So much love for the full fog mask on the RSR2.

    And like the others say, fogging is really only a concern during winter and/or when it rains.
  10. in winter, i close my visor then open it up a few millimetres. Lets in just enough air to get rid of fog, while stopping the cold air from killing your eyes.

    In summer the fog wont be there
  11. Anyone know wo sells the Pinlock system? I did a quick google & ebay & it seems there is a lack of Aus distributers. Unless you want to buy the complete visor for Shoei helmets. I have an AGV K3 and all I could find for those were from UK or USA.

    Currently have a Fogcity insert. it's ok, but tends to lose it's 'stick' around the edges - hence, encouraging fog! And when there is no fog it condensates like a MF!
  12. I think the Fog city self adhesive type work well....if you clean everything thoroughly before you assemble it then it should hold it's adhesive for quite a while.

    I've had a few friends with pin locks lose visibility when water gets between the insert and the visor, the self-adhesive versions tend to be better sealed
  13. Yeah, I installed it as per instructions. Might have lost a bit of 'traction' when I changed visors, you know, all the bending & twisting that goes on may have loosened it up a bit.
  14. being lazy i changed my breathing habits, exhaling through the mouth aiming towards the bottom of my helmet solved the fogging problems when stopped at traffic lights.

    On the move i haven't had a problem as the cold air rushing in from beneath my helmet balanced out the warmth from my breathing.

    And in spring / summer this problem doesnt exist for me/
  15. I wear glasses and Initially had fog issues mainly because it was the start of winter so I always used to lift the visor up at lights but used to get a bit foggy during early morning or when it was raining as my glasses used to fog as well.

    I ride to work rain, hail or shine so this is what I've been doing for the last 4 months since I had my bike. I've thought of buying the pin lock anti-fog insert for Shoei but at the same time, I like the cold air coming in through as well. There are a lot of products around but I'll stick to the Shoei insert as I got two visors and its easy to interchange this between the two.

    There is another very popular one but you have to use adhesive to stick it to your visor.
  16. I used a respro foggy in all my helmets
    the only time it fogs up is when i'm breathing heavy on a cold night at the lights
  17. so you're another one of Chef's naked midnight riders (y)
  18. I bought my pinlock system from Max in the Blue Mountains. You can reach him on 02 4754 5416, or bluemtns@aapt.net.au. He is very helpful. Not sure if he has a website.
  19. Ended up buying the Pinlock Lens for my Shoei yesterday and used it on the ride home and all day today - Effin brilliant.

    I've got 2 visors so it's easy to replace as well.