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Vision from mirrors

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Scumbag, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. This morning while taking Mrs Scumbags 250 Bandit to have the fork seals done, I was turning right into Bayswater Rd from Cantebury Rd, I was in the inner of the two turn lanes as I wanted to go to Bayswater shops to get the latest AMCN. Now I had completed my turn and was about to accelerate up to the speed limit when I noticed the Commodore on my left merging into my lane, albeit with the indicator on. I rolled off the throttle and gave the horn a quick blast. The lady driver then checked her mirrors and swerved back into her original lane, still without looking. She then indicated again and I had left her the room to move so she did. At the next set of lights (about 200 metres) she opens her door and yells to me "sorry I did not see you, you were not in my mirrors" to which my reply was, "A head check would have sorted that problem", her reponse was to give me a filthy look and some abuse I did not catch, then slam her door shut. The traffic had moved a little so I could move up to the front of the inner turn lane, as I passed her right hand side I noticed where her right mirror was positioned. At the point so when she looked into it the car on the immediate right would be seen. No wonder she did not see me on the little 250. I bet she would have seen the Duke though just because she would have heard it. When I was taught how to drive all those years ago my instructor told me how to adjust my mirrors. It was so I could see the rear door handles in the bottom inner corner of the mirror. Now most I see seem to be facing almost 90 degrees in to the next lane. I am not surprised people say I did not see you, they can hardly see anything.
    This was not the end of my little episode, as I went into Mountain Hwy towards the Bayswater shops I yelled at a little P plater girly to get off her phone, she was texting someone. I think she got the idea.

    Rant now over.
  2. That's the way i set my mirrors up, so I can just see the rear door handle on the bottom inner part of the mirror. I still miss seeing people though. I have noticed a lot of people don't even bother checking before they merge, it's like the indicator will magicly make everone move out of the way. Pisses me off no end.
  3. She probably thought you meant she needed to see a shrink!
  4. I was taught the same thing, not really all that useful though now that I drive a car with only two doors :LOL: . What really annoys me though are those people who leave their left mirror permantly adjusted to help them see the curb when parallel parking - makes them unable to see cyclists, pedestrians etc. to their left, or for that matter other vehicles when in the right lane.
  5. She probably did. Although riders know what a headcheck is, how many drivers would be familiar with the term?

    Bugger all in my view. :evil:
  6. i have had a situation (well 1 of many) where a big patrol or something like it was starting to merge on top of me but the lady was doing the look as you merge thing..she saw me and veered back quickly and as i rode past she gave me a wave, i was not even that pissed off i was thinking at lest she looked..eventually :?
  7. Next time your out on the road (either cage or bike) make a point of noticing how many people actually do look over their shoulder.

    you will find its almost no one.

    I have a feeling it may be partly because everyone here is a crap driver but also because there arent that many bikes on the roads so head checks are normally not as vital. if there were more bikes then everyone would be more aware of riders and therefore learn how to drive with them.
  8. i've been driving 7yrs now, never swiped anyone cause i ALWAYS do my head checks

    many times i see nothing in my mirrors and as i'm ready to change lanes i see a car when i do the head-check. catches me out so many times.

    everyone must do it, its so simple!
  9. when I had lessons to get my cage licence( this Feb) the driving instructor told me to ingnore the left mirror completely said you dont need it.

    so after calling him a f**king di*khead I had to explain to him why.

    and this knob is teaching kids how to drive!!!
  10. This is an interesting one.

    I have long prefered to have my mirror adjustment "different" to the norm and possibley more like this woman had.

    I have my rearview covering the back, and the side mirrors come in to effect as the rearview finishes. this gives me zero blindspot as when the side mirror finishes my peripheral comes in.

    It was worked VERY well for me.
    The way I test it is sit in a midle lane at the lights and scan from one mirror to the next, seeing a complete uninterupted picture.

    I haven't owned a car for the last 2 years though and I am not sure if it was a specific characteristic of the mirrors in my previous car etc.
  11. It's funny how standars have sliped so quickly...when I learned to drive, the procedure for changing lanes was check mirrors, indicate, turn your head and look, then start your lane change.
    Now it's indicator and listen for a horn, then swerve violently across all lanes...... then if someone cals you on your fcukup, give them the bird and slam on brakes for no reason.
    I've never understood the whole vague driver thing. Surely it's pretty simple to understand that when in a car, you are driving and that is your priority at that time?

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. WHAT... you can see using your side mirrors..... WOW :eek: :eek: :eek:

    All I can see is my elbows....... :D
  13. Bogus69: That's how we teach our students to set up their mirrors. And yes, in most all cases eliminates blind spots, and in other cases makes the blind spot a lot smaller.

    I set up my mirrors like so too, and I also have blind spot mirrors.
  14. I bet they do headchecks whilst going for their licence tests..... Once they have that magic piece of plastic is when they get blaise about doing them.
  15. My oldest son has his learners and I have made him do the head checks from the get-go and it has already become a habit for him...he even does it when he's in the passenger seat now :LOL:
  16. Well i dont know of many people who can actually use there mirrors anyway. And as for head checking, well good luck. Mirrors these days are just an accessory on the car. I always use mine and whenever i am reversing i only ever use my mirrors.
  17. Thanks for that bit of advice Sir Skuffy, I was contemplating barends, but if I am only going to get a better view of my elbows it is hardly worth it.

  18. i definately agree with duffman oh yea .......... if there were more of us riding to and from work everyday people would be more cautious because cmon lets face it we can easily be killed on public roads
  19. Twice on the bike today my mirrors said I was clear and I thought I knew where the traffic was, the old headcheck found the car merging into the same lane I wanted to get to both times. After the second time I thought this was unusual as 99.9% of the time you are clear when you headcheck. Bike or car you must do it every time!
  20. "How to Drive Like a fcuk wit"
    Seemingly the most popular instruction book for modern drivers, based on observations of driver behaviour

    1. Get in your car and drive out of your driveway. Try to get some wheelspin happening so you can fishtail out of the driveway and across both sides of the road. If you have a 4WD try to cut across the nature strip. This is called going "off road"
    1a. Bonus points are achieved for abusing anyone who has to swerve and/or brake to avoid you.

    2. When travelling down the road you should avoid any of the following:
    - performing headchecks (if you don't know what they are you get bonus points)
    - using mirrors (except to check hair or makeup)
    - using indicators. However, bonus points are achieved for using indicators when a lane change is 3/4 complete.

    3. If you see another driver indicate to change lanes they must be punished. Display your excellent driving skills by accelerating into the gap they were about to move into then abusing them. Bonus points if the person you cut off is a motorcyclist.

    4. There are only two acceptable places for your mobile phone - either held to your ear to talk or drawing your vision down so you can text - you don't want to misstype something by looking at the road ahead (we already know you won't be looking at the road to your sides or behind you).

    5. If you are in a 4WD remember - you own the road. It is unacceptable to give way to motorcyclists, regardless of what any traffic signs might say. Any motorcyclist who has to swerve or brake to avoid you should be abused at once.

    6. If a motorcyclist burns you at the lights and gets 200m ahead before you've crossed the intersection you should continue to accelerate until you are travelling at least 30Km/h above the speed limit. This will enable you to overtake the motorcyclist a few hundred metres down the road. The fact that the motorcyclist stopped accelerating some time ago and would be impossible to catch if they really wanted to keep ahead of you is irrelevant. Getting ahead of the motorbike (eventually) proves you are more skillful. If the motorbike turns into another road before you can catch up that still counts