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Virgin Netrider!!!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by SilverXVS650A, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Hi guys and girls.

    I'm new to this site and also to riding on roads!!! Getting a bit to old for the dirt tracks :grin: My yamaha IT250 did me well for over 15yrs.

    I have just bought a hyosung GV250 2009 and now have done 1000k's and about to go for my P's in 3 weeks time then straight onto my blacks :grin:

    I'm 5'9 90kls and have organised a buy out on my gv250 for a c50 2009 model from a well known bike shop here in Sydney.

    Are there any tips in running in a 800cc or is it just like any other new bike?

    Also I know what splitting is but what is filtering????

    I look forward for some feedback as I have so many other questions!!!

    Hope to meet you guys and girls soon for a ride :wink:

    Ps: Ill post some pics of my GV250 and soon my C50!!!
  2. Welcome to Netrider, always good to have another experienced rider, even if it is predominantly dirt riding up to this stage.

    Keep a lookout for [NSW] Rides, always a chance to come along and meet some of the crew.

    Filtering/splitting, all the same, notionally not legal, but eveyone does it :LOL:.
  3. Welcome.

    Filtering is going between cars when they are moving, splitting is when they're stopped. Or the other way around, doesn't really matter what you call it as long as you win at the traffic light gp :grin:
  4. Yeah splitting is riding in between moving cars, filtering is riding between stationary cars at lights to get up to the front.
  5. With all new bikes there is a limit to where you can rev them and just to take easy for the 1st 1000kms, you'll get the info from all the booklets you get when you purchase a new bike. I purchased a 2008 mod M50 last year and I had to run it in cause also it's running in certain oil to run the motor in then after the 1st service they change all oils to thicker oils. And also you'll notice the limit on a tank of fuel, being new you'll only get around 200km out of a tank then when you've done 2000km on the clock, your fuel mileage will change dramatically so you can get around 250-300+ km out of a tank. And they are a ?15litre tank cause my bike took over 14ltrs not long ago.
    Have fun

  6. Filtering

    Thank you for the info.

    Still being on my L's haven't been game enough to split or filter. Knowing my luck ill go pass a unmarked car!!!

    Also I'm in no hurry to where I want to go but in saying this I wonder how I'll feel when I'm on my blacks!!! :cool:

    I believe there is a ride on Monday morning 9:30am starting from Baulkham Hill's weather permitting. If it's just over cast will the ride still be on?

    Thank you Michalea for the advice in running in :grin:
  7. Hi redc50 .

    If this bike shop is actions parramatta ,double check its got oil into before you leave the bike shop ,they didn't put any in mine when I picked up my M50.:roll: ,lucky I check it when I got home 3km later.
    Long story short ....don't go back there . :wink:

    The C50 -M50 ..Same bike differnt look ,its a gem of a bike enjoy the new ride. :cool:
  8. No oil!!!!!!!

    Hey sleddog

    Thank you for the heads up!!! yes it is!!!

    I bought my Hyosung from across the road at Bikbiz and they were fantastic!!!!

    Long story short I thought I'd go to Suzuki for my C50.
    I'll tell you one day if I see you on a ride or I'll email you soon.

    Where do you take your bike for service?
  9. When I was in sydney I used westerns at penrith ,great service.
    I'd drop my bike off at 8,30am ..get the bus up the road to westfields ,have brecky read the paper ,grab a movie and they SMS me to pick my bike up at 12. :cool: easy to kill a few hours while waiting. :grin:
    But its abit far for you.

    Most places are ok ,but actions just don't give a toss about you or your bike once they got YOUR money in thier pocket ,your not thier problem anymore.
    If you like bikbiz and they know you go back there .They will know you like the service ,but you liked the suzuki better ,no worries to them.
  10. Going for my P's

    Can anyone give me some pointers in what to expect when I go for my P's?
    I have heard you can't put your foot down when doing some turns?
    Can anyone tell me what are these so I can practice down in my local carpark :grin:
    And yes I know about the head checks!!!!!

    Ps: Sleddog I will take mine to Penrith I've heard some good things about them.