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Virgin Down

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by V2, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. I'm on the Virgin Mobile Plan and like Optus and Three customers in Brisbane, have been phoneless for the past few hours.


    What has me curious is why does a cut cable bugger up a mobile network? Isn't a mobile network supposed to be wireless?
  2. I'm just guessing, and no doubt there's someone around who knows, but I'm guessing maybe the collect the signals wirelessly to the towers then, e.g., carry it by cable (much cheaper) to Sydney or wherever, then transmit it from the towers there. And when the cable went down it seems to have overloaded various systems and caused cascading failures...
  3. It's wireless TO your phone, but that signal get to your phone from huge towers that are connected by cable.
  4. One cable cut, that's right one cable and the whole state of QLD goes off the air for voice, internet and mobiles for Optus. Yeah lets let them build the new broadband for Australia.

    fcuking amateurs, one cable and one switch goes faulty! These people are trying to build a network that is world clas, yeah 3rd world class. :roll:
  5. Think of how easily the country could be brought to its knees by a couple of terrorists armed with bolt-cutters, not bombs :(.
  6. +1 This would be a good first step before doing something real nasty!

    Here is what happened

    A CONTRACTOR is believed to have triggered today's communication meltdown across southeast Queensland when he sliced through a cable on the Optus network on the Gold Coast this morning.
    When he severed the fibre optic cable, the system was re-routed through an inland back-up network that collapsed after a system card failed at Stanthorpe causing an internet and mobile phone black out on the Optus band.

    It's believed Optus had a back-up card flown up from Sydney and then by helicopter from Archerfield to Stanthorpe.

    Services have been returning to normal since about 2pm, but there are still major problems.

    I feel sory for the poor bugger who cut the cable - I suspect Optus will try to fine him a few million dollars per hour for the time the cable was out of service!
  7. BTW, best thread title evar ;)
  8. Be fair it was only a provincial town ;) not a major city.

    Runs from a rampaging mob of Queenslanders with burning torches and pitchforks. :bolt:

    Seriously though the major Communications hubs are Sydney, Melbourne Adelaide and Perth. Perth only wins because undersea cables terminate there on that side of the country. Queensland and Tasmania are out on a bit of a limb at either end and so cascading failures like this morning can cause them to disappear communications wise.

    This morning was a double fault, it is rare but it happens, the first was the contractor cutting the coastal route and the second a failure of the main termination point for the inland inter capital link.

    As others have said the Mobile network is mobile only to local towers then generally goes by cable. Mobile phones need to send a lot of housekeeping information when they are on so that the network knows where you are. That way calls can be routed to the correct state, and suburb. Most of the Telcos have their systems that keep track of this and billing etc in Sydney or Melbourne so losing those interstate links will cause issues in the mobile systems as well.
  9. Only those bits that are serviced by a wannabee telco. You could not bring down the Telstra network quite so easy! Yes I am Telstra fanboy but it does annoy me as a citizen that hospitals and airports which require 100% service levels are still being told by floptus that the outages are within the agreed service levels! So I don't see too many moptus customers getting any SLA refunds, we will see a mass exodus when the QLD gov contracts come up for renewal.

    Poptus really are a joke.
  10. Not that you have any Bias Matti :p
    Tel$tra has had its fair share of large scale outages becuse of what should be minor issues.
    [EDIT]And yes I vote for Subject line of the year.[/EDIT]
  11. Sorry yes Subject line of the year!

    Telstra outages have occoured and may occour again, but not on this scale. A whole state for one cable! We have back ups after back ups, 4,000,000 kms of fibre in Australia alone. Optus wouldnt have a quarter of that!
  12. I work for a company that outsource EFTPOS terminals to businesses, the outage with optus today caused absolute mayhem for alot of businesses in QLD and Nth NSW. Epic fail.
  13. This is the real impact of what has happened. Businesses will lose money over this fiasco.

    The outages also affected a lot of hospitals, it is lucky that the emergency services in QLD use Telstra NextG for mobiles. At least they had a back up. It did not effect 000 as this is on Telstra infrastructure.

  14. I won't disagree Matti that Telstra have the more redundant network. They have been handed that golden position on the back of the tax payer and short sighted communication policies by successive governments.

    When you are shopping for Telcos you take the good with the bad and go in with both eyes open. :)
  15. Taxpayer funded network, no matti don't bite. :-# :-# :-# Telstra has invested in the alst tw years 2 billion dollars in NEW infrastructure! We only play by the rules that are put in place by left and right wing guvments. Anyways that is a debate that can be had forever. :-#
  16. It's still true that the Howard government has nobbled the competition in Oz. I agree that the other networks are less well established, but there are reasons for that. Give it 15 years of open slather and Telstra's expensive services will either get competitive or die. (I'm currently getting twice the bandwidth for 1/3 the money from 3 that I was getting from Telstra, so a day's outage doesn't stress me that much.)
  17. Telstra only get away in some cases charging more because they do offer a better service, now how much better is for the market to decide.

    The Howard government set some policies, but I would also point a large part of the blame at Optus, they have had 15 years to have a good go at building out a network and competing with Telstra but have instead have whinged that Telstra Wholesale is too dear. They got a free kick into Australia [ballots etc] and due to 1990s thinking they are stuck there. Telecommunications is much more than reselling PSTN lines, ADSL and Mobile voice calls.

    See where the best and brightest people in this industry end up, Telstra.
  18. It's a real pity then that the management from middle up are idiots.

    It's also important to differentiate Telstra retail and their business arms. Telstra retail (the bits that most people interact with) are chumps. Their business offerings are generally much better (at the corporate, large business layer).

    But for residential broadband, they are uncompetitive. For mobile communications they are expensive. And for domestic home phones just a RRPITA.
  19. I'm with OPTUS and I'm in SYDNEY and my phone works FINE.

    But for the record, this thread should have been named "Virgin goes down."
  20. full points for title.

    no points for content.