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Virgin Broadband

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MVrog, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. I am having huge problems with these bludgers, in regard to my internet connection. When I contact them, I have to deal with a robot. Have any of you had similar problems?

    Who provides a better ISP service?

    I am ready for a change
  2. 3 give you an indian. That's better than a robot though.
  3. I've been with Exetel for over 5 years; never had an outage and never had to call tech support

    just about to sign up for ADSL2+ with them, so I'm convinced
  4. Everyone will have good and bad with each carrier. I assume you mean wired broadband. If you want the best quality, it is telstra. But be prepared to pay for it. I was with TPG. I am with TPG wireless now (as i moved) They are cheap, but you do sometimes have trouble getting a connection with mobile internet (but what can you expect for $1 a month, $25 a gig)
  5. I have a mobile broadband service with Virgin. I'm having no trouble posting on Netrider, at this moment, but nothing else works. it is so wierd.
  6. There are so many variables with Wireless and internet speeds including;
    - The Carrier you are with (Virgin uses the Optus 3G network)
    - The Antenna you are using and the distance you are from the nearest tower. The closer you are or better signal strength you can get the better you'll work.
    - The "radio" capacity between your device and the nearest tower. The more radio bandwidth available the better.
    - The "backhaul" capacity for the local tower. This is the capacity of the connection between the tower and the main "exchange" usually in the nearest capital city. For modern broadband speeds it really needs to be optic fibre based as the old microwave links popular with 2G (GSM) just don't cut it for capacity.
    - The number of users trying to share that tower with you. The more users the slower it is just like the more water hoses you turn on the lower the pressure available. This really shows up at special events like the F1GP or footy finals where there are a lot of people with smart phones chewing up network capacity. This affects both the radio & backhaul sides of each tower.
    - Problems with the networks "Internet" connection.

    If one of these has a problem things will slow down, if more than one has a problem then things grind to a halt very quickly.........
  7. I am with TPG, been so for 10 years, Cable, ADSL,
    Heather has hers connected through mine with a wireless connection,
    Neither computer has any grief,
  8. I'm with TPG ADSL2 130gb $50 month. I had 1 problem with no access, rang tech support and found out my credit card had expired so I hadnt paid them. Updated my details and I was back on line in about 15 minutes. No penalties, no reconnection fee's.
    Very occasionally weather conditions will affect net access..
  9. iiNet used to be with Westnet now they're iiNet. Good service good support.

    The only problem I have is congestion and that's down to Telstra...
  10. that be the truth, haven't heard a bad word about iinet. Except for the whole court case thing.
  11. What court case???
  12. I'm with Iinet at the moment, best internet I've ever had.

    They keep upping my download limits too.
  13. Iinet or internode if you want quality. Rog, go to either site and put in your landline number and see what they can offer. Both have local support, so no Indians and no robots.

    Telstra are great value at the moment, but their support is offshore and not the best for residential users. Both innet and internode will also resell Telstra services.

    Internode can also offer you Optus wireless as well, as a resold product.
  14. Thanks Brother Joel and Cejay. Checking now, although Virgin have radically improved since I complained.
  15. Internode

    *close thread*
  16. To be pedantic, it was about them not implementing stuff that would require technical hassle and intrude on their user's privacy. They weren't allowing piracy, as such, they simply weren't disallowing it.

  17. Do some research on www.whirlpool.net.au - best website I've been on regarding internet/phone options.