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Virgin biker!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by betsy, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. I've been reading these forums for a little while and thought it was about time I got into the netrider community now that I've got my licence.

    I've decided on a bike, Santa will be bringing me a Kawasaki 650rl abs this year for christmas. Anybody else have any experience with this bike?

    I'm also after any tips regarding motorcycle gear, particularly for warm climates, I live in Mildura where the summers are hot!


  2. Hello Betsy, nice to have you along.
  3. Hi betsy & welcome.
    Good choice on your new bike.
    Plenty of quality summer gear out there.
    There are also 'all season' gear too with removable liners etc.
    My advice is go with the best you can afford.
  4. Damn! Santa just brings *me* socks and undies.
    The Ninja is a nice bike from what I have seen.
    I recently got a Teknic Textile jacket for a friend, she liked it, relatively lightweight, still with armour, but she liked the cut as it didn't make her look like a bloke. Couple that with some draggins, boots and gloves and you're set.

    All the best
  5. Vents, lot's of vents! Look for vented textile jackets to keep you cool, I have a Dainese "Lucky" Jacket, it has largish vents at each underarm and if you unbutton the fasteners at the bottom, you get a refreshing blast of wind right up your spine.

    But I'd imagine some of the Dririder summer gear would be much better, some of their summer line has jackets that have mesh that let a ton of air all over your front.

    Good luck in your endeavours!
  6. I've got an Ixon jacket with removable waterproof liner & a quilted liner.
    In Summer, both are removed & the mesh allows plenty of airflow.
  7. That's the idea, yeah. Works alright as long as you're moving, but anything under about 20 ~ 30k, mine is like a sauna. You seem to get the 'black absorbing heat' thing, combined with the 'there is still some direct sunlight getting in' thing, combined with the cuddly winter warmth of a thick, loose weave knitted jumper. For all I know it's got greenhouse effect as well. That said - if I hated it that much I wouldn't wear it so much...
  8. My jackets about the same, although mines an "all season" so I'd expect that. I suppose it's the best out there that won't tear into a million pieces after 5kph lowside in a parking lot. I mean you could wear a singlet, but I dare say that's not gonna be your friend in an accident, and it just looks bogan to be honest!
  9. Welcome to the forum.
  10. welcome Betsy, by whats been written above, wear a singlet under the jacket when it's warm, the only problem with tham will be the swarm of men when you unzip your jacket to cool down, now that COULD be a problem then again maybe not lol
  11. I'm calling troll.
    I mean c'mon: a girl who has read the boards for a while and then still uses the word "virgin" in the thread title?
    Just in case you're not a troll, however, welcome...
  12. Yeah, I get that all the time too...
  13. Thanks for the welcome, even the troll comment (nice fishnets by the way)! I'll definately be on the look out for vented clothing.
  14. Hi betsy and welcome to NR

    You could look for mesh jackets, which let in lots of air but remeber basically motorcycle clothing comes in two categories ... too hot or too cold :LOL:
  15. I'm actually surprised that there aren't a thousand posts (all by men) asking if they can help to change the "virgin" status! This place is full of sicko's after all! :cheeky:
  16. Hi, they call me NK around these parts...