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Virago xv2fiddy - Questions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jc212, May 4, 2007.

  1. I've just got a few questions for which have got me puzzled concerning the virago. There is a lot of questions so please bare with me :p
    Appreciate any answers :LOL:

    First of all, a little about my bike:
    1994 Yamaha XV250 virago
    23000ks on the dial.

    Mechanically related:

    -I do a lot of commuting and find myself stopped in traffic a lot. Most of the time i'm in first and holding in the clutch and it will idle happily. But sometimes (about once every 2 commutes) it just dies. I know i didn't let go of the clutch because I didn't feel the jerk of a stall. It's like the engine just stops turning. Could this be a sign that i'm low on fuel or something?

    -When I first purchased the bike the friction point was reeal late (the clutch would be almost fully disengaged) and I experienced really high revs in 3rd gear but no pull. But since yesterday when I got a bloke at bikebiz to look at it, he adjusted the clutch cable somehow and now the problem has disappeared. But why third gear? Is it my clutch wearing? Bikebiz quoted me $400 to fix the clutch ONLY! Isn't that too much?

    -It's really hard to find neutral sometimes, but other times it just clicks in. Is this a result of my clutch slipping?

    -I find myself using up a lot more fuel than expected.. what could be the possible reasons for this? My brother told me it's my riding style and the fact that I wring it too much. I'm suppose to get 250-300ks a tank right? I'm only getting about 150-200ks a tank!


    -I'd love to service my own bike ie oil, filter, spark plugs and I have a friend who has a garage with all the necessary tools (dad was a mechanic) but unfortunately he's not around anymore so we were wondering if the manual was enough as guidance. Has anyone done a major/minor service on their virago personally? Was it difficult? I'm still studying and don't exactly have a steady income!

    -How do i get that black stuff off the pipes from the (engine?air intake?)/the pipes that eventually lead to my exhaust??

    -How do i remove the speedometer so I can clean the inside of it ?(it's really misty in there)

    -The pillion seat is a $!@#$ to remove, i'm afraid ill do more damage to the bike if i keep on going. Is there an easier way?


    -Has anyone ever put pod filters on their bikes? I'd love to know how it turned out!

    -What's double shifting?

    -How do I make my virago quicker than my buddies GPX? :D

    That's about all i can think of right now. Thanks again in advance! :D
  2. Wow. Hopefully someone who rides one of these beats will be able to shed some light on your questions.
    Have you got or looked for a manual? That should answer some or all of your questions.
    The only answer I know for sure is that your bike will never be quicker than a GPX.

    Hope others can help you.
  3. 400 its a bit much to rebuild the clutch 300-350 is alot more resonable.
    Ring up a few places and ask how much for a clutch rebuild. although u probaly dont need it.

    lets face it u are riding a 14 year old bike that is worth about $2,000 deal with a little bit of slipage. untill u can find someone to help u to rebuild the clutch it can be done at home with a few basic tools on most bikes.

    If it is happening in third its happing in the other gears aswell u proably just arnt noticing it.

    +1 ur not guna get it faster than a gpx

    everything that is covered by a normal service u should be able to do at home.(oil, filter,chain,sprokets,brake fluide)

    Just about everthing dont in a mojour service u can do at home with a few hundred invested in a few tools. Most things u can do with the basic tools.

    Just do one thing at a time. dont try to do the clreances and sync the carbs at the same time. one task at a time then ride it for a while make sure its working right then do the next task.

    about the staling in traffic on most bikes as soon as u put the bike into gear u are engaging the motor slightly and u are essentily appling stress to the motor even with the clutch pulled in. this causes the RPMS to drop (coupled with maybe a misfire or off timming or what ever even stall). basicly the clutch doesnt fully disengage the motor. Thats y u will hear of people complaining of there bike jerking forward when they put it into first even with the clutch in.
    (i dont know if a clutch rebuild would fix this completly or not hope someone else knows)

    I hope that made sense
  4. Viragos have two cut out switches which notoriously fail intermittently, one on the clutch lever, one on the side stand. Sometimes if they play up you'll kill the engine in the way described.

    The other thing is IMO the typical idle revs are too low - adjusting up a bit is a piece of cake. If it's a fueling issue, this might be enough to deal with it. Definitely get the synch etc sorted.

    Fuel consumption often depends on right wrist action. Furst ensure you have clean plugs, clean air filter and tuned carbs/ignition... then if that doesn't improve fuel economy, then it's the way you ride... either that, or you're a person of hefty proportions - and there aint gonna be much quick fix fuel improvement in that case!

    As to the rest... you need a mech minded friend or a fat wallet and a decent relationship with a bike shop.

  5. Yes rob. +1 for the side stand switch. :grin:
  6. o'k' - I think I can really help you hear from having a virago myself and have experienced MOST of those problems :)

    your engine stalling = I have experienced that a few times but as an owner of a lovely 14 year old virago with 44,500 km's on it I all the time start it up on choke for 3 mins then leave another 5 mins without choke just to warm it up (longer in winter) so I do lose around almost 10 mins warming the bugger up but that usually fixes my stalling problems.... and it doesn't hurt to use 95 or even 98 Octane fuel in it, once I did use 90 octane in it and i stalled like a mofo...... but 95 usually fixes it (98 if you wanna make sure it never happens again) but it's an old bike (but a great bike) and you can't really treat it like a new bike anymore..... so take longer with warming up and use expensive fuel.... don't worry if people go on about it causing your engine to run lean..... a bike that old just needs to run lean to run well. my virago has been drinking 98 octane fuel for years... since the past 2 owners... they say that the bike ALWAYS used 98 octane... so don't worry, it won't kill your bike if it didn't and still keeps my bike healthy then I think you won't have a problem (if it does don't sue me)

    Friction on the clutch..... ahhhhh... I remember my first ride out with a few guys from netrider (eastern suburbs) ....... I was slipping on 3-4 gear cos I had to keep up with the sporties..... not to worry... nothing an oil change won't fix (it's a wet clutch system... the clutch lives off the engine oil) and a clutch line adjustment won't fix.... and don't leave your fingers on the clutch even tho you think that you're not squeezing it... somehow you do wen you ride and you think that it's the clutch slipping... but no.... the virago do have a really bad friction point... and just a tiny squeeze can send it to be disengaged...... another thing is it doesn't deal too well with Harsh acceleration.. so take the rev's nice and smooth and don't jerk the throttle too much when in high speed... at the end of the day it's a 250cc cruiser.... not a sports bike. so ride it like a cruiser. (but saying that it can have a little sportbike spirit in it since it's small and nimble enough to take fun corners and aggresive riding)

    the neutral will always be hard to find at times..... ESPECIALLY after an oil change... but that's not to worry. most of the time you don't need neutral anyways unless you're parking somewhere and you want people to move your bike around. but saying that Neutral is always easy to find once you've parked it. but yes - the virago has an elusive neutral gear but that dun matter anyways cos you only need it wen you're starting the engine up and 100% of the time you will find the neutral while you're parked.

    I only get around 150-170 out of my tank aswell - we have small tanks. even smaller when you're running high octane fuel and you take a while to warm up. plus cruiser engines mostly drink more fuel than others anyways. but yeah - I can only get 150-170 out of my tank aswell - nothing to worry about. (plus I guess old bikes drink more fuel due to inefficiency with worn engines - mines 14 years old and I'm proud it reaches 170km's to the tank)

    the manual (service manual) is comprehensive but you'd still need a good experience with mechanics to do your own maintainence. I personally won't involve myself tooo deep into doing everything myself.... virago's only cost around $220 for a service..... saves time and grief later when you've realised you've damaged your already old bike but DIY techniques.

    blackstuff??? I'm not sure what you're refering to but a little WD40 here and there will help nourish some old rusty and dirty parts.....

    yes - my speedo is misty aswell.... moisture do get inside...... but after your engine has warmed up nice and hot - that will dissappear. but it'll come back..... but it only lasts for a few minutes until your bike is heated up again.... I prolly won't suggest opening up the speedo.... bad things always happen wen you do - you just gotta learn to live with it - and honestly.. it's not much of an issue to me.... prolly annoying at the start of every ride but it's o'k' - like I look at the speedo that often anyways lol

    the pillion seat shouldn't be too hard... I take mine off aswell just to get that 'chopper' feel to it with the one seat only lol - there's only one main screw holding the pillion seat and two small ones that you'll need to take it off from under the rear fender... once you got all 3 screws off... it can just slip off. (the screws under the rear fender takes off the brackets that the pillion seat hooks onto - if you wanna take off the pillion seat then you'd wanna take off the brackets aswell... so you might aswell do it in one go)

    noooo.... I never tried a pod filter... I did see a virago 1100 with one installed tho..... ugly as hell.....

    you can't take it faster than your buddies GPX - but you can sure make it louder with a drill and a drill bit and drill some "speed holes" in your exhausts lol.....

    have fun riding the virago. it's a great little bike with alot of potential.... hooligan potential..... lol
  7. love my virago too.....its a 1991 model with a few more k's on it than yours....

    i'm not a mechanic but some of the problems you've described i've had too.....

    my clutch played up a lot at first and apparently there was a loose wire of sorts near the lever which a mate fiddled with and now it's cool. the jerkiness when i change gear a few people have suggested is partly cause my hands were too small, so i've had the lever adjusted so i can reach it a bit better, and i've just replaced the grips to thin ones.....i still think sometimes it's me rather than the bike tho...i'll see over the next couple of rides.

    stalling - oh dear have i had fun with that one! remember, when u use the choke to turn it off during your ride - apparently leaving it out when it is no longer needed is not such a good thing. i used to stall at every set of traffic lights - then again, a friend adjusted the idle for me so it idled a bit higher (faster? sorry, i dunno - i'm certainly not the mech type) and that stopped me stalling. and gave me a bit of confidence when taking off at the lights - so now the idle is almost back to where it should be and i haven't stalled (unless its my own fault and i definitely know it) for quote a while now.

    neutral - yep, i sometimes have trouble finding it. but not enough to really have worried about it....

    service and owner manuals - i have versions of both of those that i could get to you if you wanted....feel free to pm me....

    and enjoy the ride....it's a cruiser, it doesn't lean like the sporties, it doesn't go as fast as some, but it's comfortable.....
  8. Thanks a heap guys! It's way more information than I expected ! :LOL:
    I'll take my time to absorb the wisdom and experience that has been poured out in this thread. Gee, netrider.com.. it's a great place with real great people! i mean it! :D
  9. netrider.net.au is even better :p