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Virago XV250, XV250R, XV250S - Whats the difference ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Nixy V3, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. As a newbie who is keen to purchase first bike, Im keen to get a Virago but cannot find any information that can tell me the difference between XV250, XV250R, or XV250S :shock: . Can anyone assist ? And please dont tell me its only the last letter :p !!

  2. I think its to do with the year.
    mine is an XV250k and its a 1998 model.
  3. I believe there are two distinct models, one is a pretty plain looking one and the other is fancier looking.
    They both use exactly the same engines and other gear.
    It's just cosmectics.
    You will know the difference if you see them side by side.
    Go here to see info and pics about the pair of them.
    Hmmm....a google search for Yamaha Australia...how innovative.
  4. that site refers too two different models.
    the XVS is the V star the XV is the Virago.
  5. thanks Caz - you took the words right out of my mouth !
  6. I said....there are two distinct models???

    I said one is fancier than the other? Which is correct.

    The fancier model also has a slightly longer wheelbase and a different carb set-up.

    Otherwise they are EXACTLY the same model of bike.

    Ahh....you mean what do the letters at the end of the models mean?

    They are just different model runs over different years.
  7. They have been using the same 250 motor in all of the XV 250 Virago series since the first Virago came out, a long time ago now.

    Parts should be easy to get, most owners have few problems with the bikes. Hundreds of them on the roads.

    I rode Terri's one quite often, we even toured on it.
    Can be uncomfortable if you have lower back problems.
    Rear suspension is not at the acme of design, however it is a cheap bike to buy brand new.
  8. Thanks but Im still confused about fancy v's not fancy (must be having a blonde day) Do you mean the studded seat version v's standard ?
  9. most of the earlier models had the non stud seats.
    Some of the earlier models also had mock fuel tanks, the real tank was underneath somewhere.
  10. The standard version could be said to be the plainest model.
    Which is the 250 at the bottom of the Yamaha webpage.
    Over the years they have added a few things from time to time, and then removed them again.
    Some had different seats and two tone paint jobs and sissy bars.
    The plain one was always the base model. They have been producing that one pretty much unchanged since day one. The first year the bike came in black or maroon and had three inch risers and drag bars.
    Check the website below, look for links to Virago Clubs in Oz on the bottom of the right side of page.

    I am sure a check of the Oz sites will offer more info.
  11. I am not saying this to prove I am smarter Caz...you're almost correct...the 250 Virago's have chrome air intakes that look nice but don't actually do anything, also one of the exhaust pipes has a fake muffler, one of them does nothing, I think it's the upper one. The petrol tank has always been real however.

    The V-Max has a fake tank, the actual tank is under the seat, which flips up to accsess the fuel cap.
  12. Thanks heaps Jaqhama & Caz - you have both given me further insight :)
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  14. Have browsed all those links and more ! Have redbook values for $ guide too. Just a matter of having patience for the right bike at the right price and place I spose - GRRRRRRRRR !!!
  15. Check the website below, look for links to Virago Clubs in Oz on the bottom of the right side of page.

    Jaq - there is no link in the bottom r.h.s. ??
  16. Whoops, my mistake there doll

    On that home page click on the left at Cool Links, that will take you to the page with the OZ clubs listed.

    I'll just whip myself in remorse now.
    Och, och, oh, hmm, ahh :LOL:
  17. Whip harder !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ** k'ching **
  18. Hmmm....all of a sudden I find this forum strangely interesting. :LOL:

    How did you go with the Oz Virago clubs?
  19. Ooops :-O forgot to look right now but will soon :)
  20. A question about Virago's and the starting of them.

    My GF has one that will only start if it's in nuetral. It also keeps cutting out any time you put it in gear BEFORE it comes to operating temperature. This happens irrespective of the clutch position.

    Is this normal virago behaviour??