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Virago Fork Seal leak ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Nixy V3, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Whilst riding home today I noticed there was some oil on the left fork :shock: Ride & handling didnt seem affected nor was it gushing or bleeding so I continued the remaining 50k's home, monitoring it closely.

    It appears at most, maybe a fifth of the seal is leaking / weeping & although initially a small film of oil was on the fork, when wiping it away and compressing the bars down a few times it isnt leaving a film now. It does however leave a slight black horizontal line showing where it was compressed to. At the top of that seal section there is some black gritty grease (about fingernail thickness) so Im assuming maybe its dirt that has got itself in there and caused it :? ???

    Ive done a search on NR only to find 2 hits. One mainly discussed a worn fork boot ! Ive tried the suggestion in the 2nd post to squeeze a very thin feeler guage down between the seal and the fork leg to possibly help clean away any dirt BUT I cannot find anything that will fit arrrrg!!

    Im hoping it doesnt have to be a mechanic job :roll: Does anyone have suggestions on what I can use or do ??? Both seals look fine ie: not worn or cracked etc.

  2. This is a tip i got from a mechanic year ago ,it may or may not work.
    Lift up the dust covers & inspect & remove any stuck on road tar & bugs,then dry the tubes. .Wrap tightly some sticky tape [30-50mm wide] a few turns on the tubes just above the seals then pump the forks a few times making sure the tape passes through the seals.
    This will scrape the dust/dirt from the seals.Then remove the tape.
    Make sure when you remove the sticky tape to get it all including the residue.
    I have tried this method a few times & it worked but only for a short time.
    Usually the seals need to be replaced sooner or later but this tip may give you a few more weeks before the trip to the repair shop.

    I would not use feeler gauges as the might scratch the tubes as where the sticky tape won't.


  3. Thanks sanoptic I might give it a try :)
    Fingers crossed :wink:
  4. NC, if your seal/s start leaking, the best thing to do is get them replaced and then keep an eye on your front forks and wipe off the bugs after each ride. Replacement is not an expensive job. Try City West yamaha.


  5. Hey Rob, yep agree I will make the dreaded call & subsequent booking. Prolly time I treat her to a full service & look over while she's there, biatch ! :LOL:.

    I am usually pretty vigiliant keeping the forks & other bits clean but now wondering if a pair of covers like mx but rd ones, might be a good idea :?
  6. Fork seals blow- it's a fact of motorcycling life and even the best/cleanest forks will blow seals. And any leak is a blown seal that will rapidly get worse. You especially don't want to leave it until oil is cascading down the fork leg and onto your brakes.

    If you have a simple bike it might even be worth trying to fix yourself, because you will have to do it again. Even taking out the fork legs will save some labour/money.

    Then again, it's a cheap mechanic fix. Replace both seals because if you don't, the second seal WILL blow within a month. Murphy's law. Get the oil changed as well but don't use anything fancy.