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Virago - dissapearing Engine oil?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by DUK35, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. hey guys - I was doing some minor maintainance on the virago last night and I realised that my engine oil window is clear......

    now last time I remembered I saw a golden - substantial amount of oil in that window that was just under the recomended line.... but now it's clear... so in my understanding.... there's nothing there???

    how is that possible?? there are no leaks or anything on the floor and yes - I stood the bike upright for a coupla minutes plus I warmed it up.... and nothing????

    I will be changing the oil anyways - but how is this possible??? or was not patient enough to stick around till the oil finally made an appearance in the window?
  2. has it been blowing smoke? how long b/w checks? last time you changed oil did you run the bike to get it moving around?
  3. How old is the bike?

    In theory, the only way you can lose engine oil (providing there's no cracks, etc. in the engine case) is by it being blown out the exhaust. This would mean something in the engine is worn - either rings or valves.
  4. Hey Duk, if you know that you added or had sufficient oil it in few days prior & theres no leaks or burn off etc, then I suggest you dont trust the window, especially as when its on the stand it is on a lean and wont show up in the viewglass. If you stand the bike upright and give it time it will settle itself back it should then be able to be seen, however starting the engine is only going to pump it around & not let it settle.

    If you really feel the need to add some oil, I suggest only adding about 200ml wait a couple of runs then try a look again. The reason being is the total recommended amount is only 1.4 litres & mine did the same trick on me over a period of a couple of days & still showed zero after standing and resting. I thought out of "kindness" I would give her a decent top up but later realised through loss of compression etc that she had too much.

    Sure enough a few days after the top up the oil settled back to the view glass to show me she was over full so I therefore had to pull the plug, drain & redo. I have NFI where it goes & why it doesnt show sometimes, so just be wary or take her for a run and do the oilchange on return then note k's, date & amount added on a calender to keep a track of usage or any possible gremlins.
  5. thanks nixon-chic V3 - I think you got it all there - I think you're right.

    my exaust is clear and everything seems to work fine - just that stupid window is playing peep-a-boo on me.

    I'll give it a few runs and do what you sed with the noting down and stuff. I think that might be it.

    It is due for a change anyways cos the oil is getting a bit dark for my likings...

    but now that you guys mentioned engine wear and tear - a couple of times when I start my engine -warm up then take off - I feel like while I'm on 1st gear - after 10 metres then engine seems to have a mini tiny little backfire - you can hear it slighty but can't feel it or a anything.

    this doesn't happen alot at all - just 2-3 times or maybe 4 since I rode if for the first 1000k's (I got a second hand 42,000km virago)

    is this relavent?
  6. I find my bike doesn't burn oil, when the oil is new, but when it gets near the end of its life, it starts to use a bit.

    Also, running the bike will splash the oil everywhere inside the engine. Let it sit for a while before bringing the bike upright.
  7. Dont believe Ive ever experienced this, unless your referring to like a sudden drag or flat spot, usually occurs if throttle grips slips a little whilst revving too long & high in first & needing to change up a gear ? If you havent had the bike long or dont have a record of its last service or havent had it mechanically checked over, it may be worth booking it in for & voice any concerns for the mech's to check.
  8. yeah - i think they are good points - thanks for your help guys!