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Virago bad battery?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by rbarge, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    Had my Virago for a weekm today the battery was dead so I bemp started it and went to the shops started it and it was fine.

    When I got back there was a horrid smell in the garage, took the battery out and it was hot and was empty! I topped up the battery with D/I water and I'm now slow charging it.

    What happened, did the battery boil dry, is that what the smell could have been? What would cause this ?
  2. I'd be real careful with that battery.

    Personally I would get rid of it. Before I bought a new one, I would get the charge system checked. Might be overcharging.

    For the battery to be dry it must have been over charged. Hydrogen gas might have been the smell - rotten eggs - comes from charging.

    Maybe the battery has fallen over and was dry. If it was hot more than 30 min after riding I would certaily get rid of it.
  3. Thanks I will have it check it out, the smell was like eggs Hydrogen sulphate I guess.

    It seems to have power in it after I filled it with water.
  4. I'd still get rid off it. Sounds nasty.
  5. I would check your regulator and rectifier as well, the bike may be overcharging the battery and a new battery may suffer the same problem.
  6. Thanks!

    Can you get sealed ones, ie no need to top up, always use them in the car.

    If the regulator and rectifier was not working then wouldn't this blow the bulbs as well by putting 30 volts through them?
  7. I am using a new type. No water has gooo (can't think of the right word, someone will remind me) in it. When charged it becomes water/acid. No maint. Cheaper than ordinary battery.

    Make sure you get system checked before fitting a new one.

    No the globes may not blow. The battery may be shorting or something else so the globes may not get high volts.
  8. If that was 'and' then you might well be blowing globes... if that was 'or' then maybe the charge voltage is only somewhat high... high enough to overcharge the battery but not to blow a globe in the short term.
  9. Ohhh Yes. Sounds like a classic shorted plate to me. The battery is an ex-parrot in my opinion. Buy a new gel battery and forget it forever.
  10. Had the thing tested today, gave it the thumbs up.

    Might get a gel battery anyway, less work :)

    Could low levels in one of the cells caused the thing to heat up and boil off the levels in the other cells?
  11. Hmmm was the regulator, $300 that I would have liked to have spend on something else :cry:

    Oh well.
  12. Be thanksful, knoiw a bloke with an Aprilia and the quote for his regulator was $1400. Buggered if I know how that's possible but Italian I guess would explain a few things, not a grand worth though I wouldn't have thought.
  13. Probably too late now... but there are places that can supply aftermarket regulators for certain models of bikes and that do mods to standard ones to reduce failure rates.

    VFR800 owners are normally aware of this

    *rides away before enraged Veefer owners gather and throw dead rectifiers at him*
  14. Thanks. Now I know what a regulator looks like I can fit it myself next time :D

    The battery seems to have come out on top so thats one good thing I guess.

    I got on the bike this morning and it would start, I bumped it down our steep road with no luck. After pushing it back to the house (ouch) I discovered that the kill switch was off D'oh !