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Virago 535: your thought's?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thecptn, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Been riding on the 250 version for a little while, and fun yet some what sluggish seems right, its a great bike, but id like some thing with more punch, particulary acceleration, so I have my eye's set on the 535 cousin, I cant find any online reviews of it, id like to know how it's performance is and just generaly if its a good powered bike, my other option is the 750 version though I cant get that yet, other than that, feel free to mention any other mid weight cruisers that might be good.


  2. poped my first ever mono on one... i liked it.. though some owners complain it is bad for their backs...

    It defenately had more punch than by GT550 that I was riding at the time... though crappy suspention... and I remember the bike being bad in trafic... to wide...
  3. concidered the hyosung GV650? apparently its a very sporty mid weight crusier.
  4. From what I've read the 535 is supposed to be one of the better sized Virago's, with the 750 and the 1100 being too big or something. They also look like a good sized bike...
  5. The 550 didn't sell very well in Australia so parts are going to take longer to get if something goes wrong. The larger Viragos sold much better.

    Having said that I reckon the styling on the 535 is better balanced than the larger ones which always looked squashed and pushed up at the headstem to me...

    I only ever saw one magazine article on it and that was more a ride impression than a test, but they basically said 'nice bike... shame that mid sized cruisers don't have a market in Australia'.
  6. Its supposed to share a few things with the smaller version - namely a bullet-proof engine. I heard better things about the larger one though, to the point that the reviews rated it higher than its replacement. Has the more retro chopper look to it than the XVS1100 replacement. The XV535 is still supposed to be a good bike if you're after a mid-range cruiser.
  7. Id love to get the 650 vstar, but there way out of my price range, ive already seen 535's for a mere 3 or 4k, I hear the 535 has rather slim fuel range on its smallish 9.5l tank, is this true?
  8. Any bike larger than a 125 with a 9.5l tank will have a low fuel range... so yes.