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Virago 400cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by andre_, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Hello..

    Is the Virago 400cc an import only bike in the Australian market? I occasionally see them pop their head up here and there... I'm looking at getting my first bike any day now and I am set on getting a Virago; I just don't want to make the mistake of grabbing a version that is rare or mechanically unique and cause heartache trying to find parts/etc... for.

    I have a car that does that to me already :) Any info on the 400cc would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  2. No mention of the 400 Virago in Redbook which would suggest it's a grey import only. 400s are popular in Japan due to their licencing laws but very few 400cc bikes were ever sold here officially - so unless you can find a bike officially sold here with the same engine finding parts or technical specs (tightening torques etc) may be difficult.
  3. http://www.bikez.com/bike/index.php?bike=22072

  4. Looking at the engine/drivetrain they look like they are a derivative of the 535 rather then the 250.

    They are a grey import.

    As such they will not be LAMS registered, so if you don't have a full lisence, you can't ride one.
  5. I'm sure an application could be made RTA (or whichever state based licencing thingy) to have it aprroved. Both the XV535 and the XV650 are LAMS aprroved in NSW, so I don't see why the XV400 would be.

    What state are you in Andre_?
  6. Good point ibast, although the 650cc version is LAMs approved (probably be better off buying one of those). You could probably apply to have a 400 version approved though I'd imagine - it's certainly under the power/weight limit.
  7. There are plenty of grey imports that are LAMS approved, but I doubt that they can cover every potential bike that fits the criteria.
  8. Queensland...and so I anticipate if all goes well this weekend I won't be restricted to 250cc :)
  9. Then you might as well go for the 535 or the 650 version of the XV, will be much easier to source parts. Though from what I read on the 400, it sounds as though most parts would be interchangeable anyways...
  10. That's strange, had a look at the specs for the 650 version:
    And it's actually 10kg lighter than the 400 - possibly make it an easier bike to learn on (power output's no worse than a sports 250).
  11. I was looking for a 535+ but this one comes in a little more affordable.

    If the XV400 is similar...I wonder if a 535/650 engine would wack in if something were to happen to the 400 engine..
  12. I just had a short chat with a Yamaha dealer... Apparently parts are shown as still available and they can get them in. Sounds simple enough.