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Virago 250 vs Bandit 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Still looking at alternatives for the Mrs, although if I had the cash today there's a particular Bandit 250 on the Gold Coast that would be extremely tempting.

    Basically, she's about 5'3" and stuck with a 250 for the first year (in QLD), but hopes to pillion our daughter to school sometimes... so what we need is a 250 that will work for a short person but with as much grunt as possible.

    She likes cruisers, and will probably end up on a Shadow 750 or something similar, but we suspect the Virago might be a bit underpowered for what she needs in the mean time. (The Bandit is about 40 hp, and I can't find a number for the Virago anywhere on the web, so if anyone knows I'd love to find out.) Plus the daughters would like to learn to ride later, and wouldn't be seen dead on a cruiser. One is 5'9" and the other about 5'2"... ;)

    So although those are the kinds of bikes I'm thinking of at the moment, any other suggestions are also very welcome. A VTR might work but might be a little tall. And the Scorpio and CBR125 would be even further under-powered.

    (See, what might really work is a Bandit 250 with a 400 engine... ;))

  2. Looking purely at the numbers the Varago only has one thing going for it…
    It is bullet proof.
    Other than that it is the most gutless 250 cruser out there.
    If you wife is talking about pillioning (even a little one) I would think that a virago should be off the list.
    I know they are much more pricey but both Honda and Kwaka have 250 Cruser options. (Or there is Hyo, but I hesitate to recommend it for fear of having Dougle rip me a new one)
  3. yeah, 'tis true - and the Honda one in particular looks good. Not sure, but I suspect it's going to be relatively gutless compared to a Bandit too, though. I guess she could look at a CB250 or something like that as well...
  4. The Honda V25 is pretty hawt, and there are a couple around. 27 horse, apparently, which is still well short of the Bandit's 40 but kills the Scorpio's 14 ;)

    In terms of cruisers that's something that might be worth a look. For nakeds I kinda wish I'd hung onto my Spada, which was a ripper...
  5. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Kawa Eliminator as an excellent learner cruiser. It's heavy, but the weight is *very* low down, so that is not really an issue. Plenty of power (I know, for a 250 :p ), in fact the dealer I bought it off said that it has the most powerful 250 cc v-twin currently available (although that could be bollocks for all I know, I never bothered to check).

    Only downside is the price :cry:

    But otherwise an excellent all round baby cruiser, and due to its size, looks and grunt it will probably keep her more interested for longer than any of its competitors. I test rode them all, and none were anywhere near as good. Plenty of grunt, good looking, low CoG, big n comfy, 6-speed, liquid cooled, kawa reliability, (relatively) big fuel tank. Excellent bike!
  6. Cool, thanks, that's exactly the kind of info that is extremely useful!
  7. ...and the Eliminator is apparently 35 horse, too, which is decent.
  8. Probably should mention that the only reason I sold mine (after > 6000 kms) was that it was a bit too wide for filtering in tight spaces (daily commuter, my only vehicle)... otherwise was so happy with it I might still have it :)
  9. It's a pity she likes cruisers, and has a year to go before she is allowed to ride a big bike . . .

    . . . because I think the Ducati 696 is the new "best short person's bike." The seat height is really low, the seat is narrow, and the riding position is really comfortable. (Both for me at 5'7" and for a ~5'3" woman I know who tried one.) You should definitely take a look at one with her before she upgrades in a year or so. :grin:

    That would work. :cool: ( I wont tell on you either. :grin: )
  10. my GF is 5'4" and she could sit on my bandit 250 and flat foot both feet.

    the motor can pull from 60km/h in 6th gear without the need to downshift, and at 100km/h, it's sitting at 10,000rpm (max torque) and will accelerate nicely without a downshift. obviously downshifting it and giving it the pickles will make you move alot quicket, but the motor is happy to plod along.

    i rate them highly as a first bike. up there with the zzr-250's and the like.

    just a quick post from an ex-bandit 250 owner.
  11. The bandit sounds like a very good option. Perhaps try a GPX on for size as well? I know that the bandit will be better on paper, however the usabilty of the p2 might be worth it?
  12. Now, I don't know what's your budget but the CB400 seems like a perfect option, no? Are they learner legal in QLD? I know it costs more (heaps more) but it's something she'll be able to keep for much longer and your daughters might not even hate the look as much. :LOL:
    Also the Duc 620i have some learner legal versions. Again, budget allowing.
  13. I am pretty sure the Virago is 21hp. Mine makes a lot of noise when I try to overtake anything but doesnt really speed up much. :) I'm thinking about buyin a bandit 250 ever since I saw SHEPPO selling his... I only have 6 months to go on restricted license though so I am trying to talk myself into waiting.....and upgrading to something bigger..... did I mention I am over the cruiser thing all ready ....???
  14. Go the Bandit. It's a really easy bike to control. And as Sheppo said, they do have a nice bit of go for 2fiddy.
  15. Yeah, I'd say the Bandit looks like the preferred option. Though I'm also mulling over a '97 CB250 with 26,000 km on it for under 2 grand that I've seen. Nowhere near the bike the Bandit is, but if it allows her to get on the road six months sooner, finance-wise...

    Oh, and yeah, the CB400 would be luvverly, but (a) as this post shows, it's well outside the budget parameters and (b) no LAMS in QLD, so she's stick with actual 250s.
  16. But this is still the front-runner, and given we're planning to keep it for years, the extra $1500 is worth spending. Intercede for me with the tax return gods. ;)

    2000 Bandit 250

    It's close to us, QLD registered, looks to be in good nick. Done a few kays, so I'd get it checked out.
  17. That's an awesome resource, Guru, thanx.

    Among other things it clarifies that ones being sold as '2002' models have that as their compliance date in Oz and are older.

    Thanx again.
  18. No worries mate. I had heaps more links on the Bandit but I must have deleted them all when I decided to get the GS. Ill keep looking for them though. I did ride one. Its nice and low and rides well. Revs like a biatch though.
  19. hey mate I have commuted on my bandit for 8 months and its a great little bike and has a very low seat height far too low for me (I'm 6'1) :!: WARNING SHAMLESS PLUG :!: I have mine for sale and am in Bris see http://www.bikesales.com.au/as/search/a.do?slotID=2298093 shes done a few ks but shes got plenty left in her