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Virago 250, look mum no Baffle! (I think I broke it)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by DUK35, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. hey guys, I was cleaning my bike yesterday and decided stupidly to shove a small rag into my exhaust to attempt to clear out some of that grimey black exhaust crap ..... what happened was I broke the metal inside.... so i put my finger in and had a feel... then i pushed against it and I broke it even more..... it's all rusted and feels like aluminum.. like a coke can.... so anyways.... I dunno what got into me and started going at it with pliers...... and 30 mins later i pulled out 4-5 inch worth of what looked like used to be a tube..... but it's all twisted and fcuked and rusted cos I pulled and cracked the isht out of it with pliers.. so anyways... I cleaned up the mess and had a moment of stress....

    So I decided to start it up.........................BROMMMM..... brom brom brom..... damn!!!! IT SOUNDS HOT!!!

    apart from it sounding pretty sweet like a big V-Twin cruiser..... am I on a path to a bike meltdown????

    it's just the top exhaust that I broke...... it's missing 4 inches of that aluminium crap in it..... which was rusted as hell anyways..... But I didn't dare to touch the bottom exhaust..... (but now I'm tempted now since hearing how my bike sounds :p

    Please tell me I did'nt break my bike or contributing on shortening the life of my virago...
  2. Sounds like you've just done a unintentional 'Baffle-ectomy' on your bike...

    I soubt very much this will have an adverse affect on the bike, however you might want to be more careful around EPA inspectors from now on...
  3. Id do the bottom aswell so that you dont have different back pressures in the two cylinders.
  4. really?

    I've done some research and they've sed stuff like re-jetting and carburetor and Air Fuel mixtures etc...

    back pressure? o'k', the thing is, my bottom one isn't rusted on the inside like the top one.. it appears that the bottom baffle is a kinda solid pipe inside, no way I could break it apart and pull it out :(
  5. Grobby used a screwdriver and hammer. :wink:

    Or you could just get a new pipe. :)
  6. any tips or How to's on getting the bottom one fixed? (or destroyed however you look at it lol)

    looks like the baffle pipe is welded in.....

    are you sure I'm not stuffing up any jetting or A/F mixtures?

    if someone could direct me to an Illustrated How to then that'll be great :p

    I'll post a pic of the rusty piece os metal which used to be a baffle pipe up here soon
  7. Sounds like it's time for a new set of mufflers (seriously).
  8. baffles

    there is a topic somewhere in the forums that goes through a step by step process of removing those silly baffles.
    I can't find it but have a good look through the modifications section and you should be able to find it.
  9. i couldnt tell u how to take the baffle out but my brother took his out on his blade and it sounds soo much lumpier :wink: whether its a good thing or not i dont know, but i like the sound alot better
  10. I believe the reduction in back pressure will lean the combustion mixture, which if it was running rich before hand won't be a problem however if it was running lean you could get some pinging and loss of performance and possibly some major broken bits.
  11. well it's just a 4 inch piece of crappy pipe right at the end of the muffler. I hope it's not gonna do too much damage....

    I'll look thru the mods page. I think having a balanced exhaust is better than having one baffled and one half baffled....

    got my screw drivers, hammer and drill bits and what not...... gonna go break this thing further now......

    first I must find that step by step guide....
  12. Is the cap at the ends of the mufflers pop rivited in ?

    If so drill them out and remove both baffles. Then re pop rivet them back on.

    This will give you equal back pressure.

    Did it on my trail bike, not sure if its the same here though.
  13. The Virago 250 has a cross-over joining both exhaust pipes before they split into 2 mufflers again, so don't worry about one cylinder having different back pressure than the other.

    You probably won't have any trouble with leanness, if you want to check, just go for a ride and after about 10 minutes of warmup, cruising down the highway, turn on the choke and see if the bike runs same, worse, or better. If it runs better with choke on, the bike is too lean. If it runs the same or worse with choke on, you're fine.
  14. god i wouldn't worry about it one little bit,ive doen mods like that to several bikes,even the ol big meteal spike and sledgehammer mods, never hurt anything,never changed the jettings,if anything you'll get a better sound and every chance of slightly inproving performance,though you can go to far and decrease :p, but not likly.

    Ohh and just to clear one little thing up, it aint alloy if it rusted, sicne alloy cant rust :p, its prolly just mild steel, and very possible a tube that had lots of holes in it ment to be a baffle(read a restrictive device to stop the bike sounding so loud and annoying granny :p )
  15. Hey guys, I pulled the baffle out of the second one, friggin took a while.... the baffle on the lower pipe is a pretty tough thick metal pipe and around 2 inches longer than the top pipe's baffle.

    I still left the baffle plate on tho - just pulled out the baffle tube for both. it's Loud now and can get a bit annoying lol

    yeah it'll try that choke test very soon - dun wanna stuff my engine up.

    I do feel like cutting up the baffle and put 2 inches worth of baffle back onto the lower pipe. I have a feeling my lower pipe is lower than the top pipe which from an audiophile's point of view like me - kinda annoys me :p

    anyone know of a good metal worker near the eastern suburbs? sydney?
  16. If you want to check for leanness (I had to ask my mechanic this one the other day), do the following:

    get on the bike, get moving at about 30kph. Shift to top gear and open it up full. (note - watch your line - the bike will NOT like this). This is what "pinging" sounds/feels like. Next, come to a halt, shift back to first, then hard-open throttle up through the gears.

    if power on through the gears feels like it did in top, you have a leanness problem. Don't make a habit of doing the 5th gear roll-on though.

    The other test is to have the bike on its stand, in neutral. Slowly bring the revs up to about 75% max, then let the throttle snap back. If you get backfires, pops and other nasty sounds, you could be running lean.

    Doubt it will happen though. Chairman just did some major exhaust mods on my bike (effectively pulled out the entire baffle and left it out) and I don't have any issue at all.