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Violence Againt Men?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dylan05, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. So at the moment due to a few horrendous crimes against women being commited we have rallies and media coverage on the subject of violence against women. I was just wondering if there is anything out there for violence against men? Does this mean that all domestic and other violent crime is mainly against women?

  2. No but the vast majority of it is, sadly.
  3. I know a few blokes that have had knives pulled on them by their girlfriends and wives. Support programs for abused men are starting to pop up.
  4. i remember seeing a segment on a morning chat show not long back regarding raising awareness of male victims of violence..namely domestic violence - so it's around..just not up in our faces as much as the women - typical.
  5. I know the majority of it is by men but the question is what programs/ support is out there for men.
    Is it harder for men to say that their wives bash them? Or like a old work colleague of mine have boiling oil thrown on him for getting home from work late. It just seems to me that all the programs and assistance is directed at females only. When it is an all round problem
  6. There is a fundamental problem in regards to treatment of female violence perpetrated against males, it stems from the view of women as closer to children than adult (as in male). It is condescending towards women, yes, but the more serious counterpart to that the violence towards the male is never dealt with. I think condescension a lesser wrongdoing than being slapped, punched, bashed with an object, stabbed, shot, then having that minimised. Or, having your genitals mutilated and then laughed at on women's daytime TV shows.
  7. Not feeding this one
  8. Face it we have a federal minister for women's affairs and all sorts of government programs for women

    seems for men the only government program is gaol
  9. Your thinking too shallow. Mind games are a form of domestic abuse, so is nagging.
    Tis a strange and snakey beast we are up against. And like therapy you wont know what happened till it's over, and you have had your mind altered, and your wallet lightened considerably, and a bout of anxiety and depression that will take years to get over.
    Physical acts of abuse are mostly on behalf of the man. Would say a quarter of those pushed to the point of violence through frustration....better to hit the wall or a bag ....easier said than done when in a rage I guess.

    I attract nutters. No idea why. I like fast and dangerous sports bikes too, and abseiling and mountain climbing..... mmmm
    Anywho I have had a basher, a stalker and still have a headcase lurking in the shadows. 50km of beach either side of my place and she travels 25km to go infront of my place ???? Dam her restraining order ending. Not going through that again.

    Seriously tho, I wont even date any more. Refuse to...Honest I would rather just have a bat than put up with the shit these days. Just not worth it
  10. That is correct. However, most members of society will misguide or bully men into thinking otherwise.

    There are moves set in motion, by groups with vested interests, to impose further restrictions on males in Australia. If they have their way, domestic violence will be redefined to include: ignoring/staying silent when she screams abuse at you, or even if she talks to you; not allowing her to spend your personal money [as opposed to shared funds].

    Furthermore, the man will have to provide explicit proof that she consented during every stage of having sex, else he could be charged with rape.

    Also, the law will be redefined so that the above applies only to males.

    Nothing in my post is exaggerated or dreamed-up.

    Now ask yourselves: is any woman worth all the above? Heck, is anyone worth it? Would women even come near men if they had to confront the same risks?

    Very sensible. 'Tis the mark of a man who thinks with his big head.
  11. Got any links to support any of this ?
  12. Any one have a link to last nights 60 minutes program about the 4 young girls extradited - would like to hear the Italian Fathers side of the story
  13. #16 alexanderino, Nov 26, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2012
    Sure. Here is one, direct from the source: The National Council’s Plan for Australia to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, 2009-2021. Carefully read the PDF. It is a toned-down version of the original submission, which was too naked in its hatred towards males.

    Keep in mind: the proposals contained within will negatively affect every male and render him vulnerable to false accusations, and the burden of proving innocence will be on him.

    Now that the link has been provided, it will be interesting to see how it influences the reader [not aimed at you in particular, MelbourneMick]. Will they become defensive and in denial? Will they explode in anger in an attempt to shut down debate and sweep the issue under the carpet? Or will they take it seriously and intelligently alter their viewpoint?

    The point of this post is that being the 'privileged class', men have no right to complain until enough males are physically assaulted by women to be comparable to the female number. Would that be right?
  14. The analogy between males seeking help or recourse for abuse and some political situation with christianity is weak at best. Not only weak but vague, and dishonest.

    "whinging about losing some of the advantages they have enjoyed in the past" - does this refer to males or christianity? Do you even realise the baiting and switching youre engaging in? Not to mention poisoning the well? Because there was little to no legal recourse for men living with violent wives. In fact the more likely situation was that the man would be publicly punished for being the abused one.

    Look at the skimmington processions or the practice of riding a donkey backwards. Funny how when it was the man who had to face punishment for BEING abused, society did not have a problem with accepting that women can be violent. Now that women will face some consequences its all denial, minimisation and PR damage control.

    For the first time in history, in a limited number of societies in the world, males are seeking the same level of legal protection and females are beginning to be expected to hold an equal level of responsibility for their actions compared to men. Meanwhile those who invoke the word Privilege with a capital P want to maintain the cult of infantile femininity for another few millennia.
  15. Regarding violence against women: if you want equality with us, you better learn to take a punch like us.
  16. Not just violence, but mental abuse too...if you can dish it, you can take it!
  17. Speaking of dishes why aren't they doing them instead of campaigning for shit?