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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hyssy, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. So let's say you park at work during your shift because you work late hours and it's not the best place to leave a bike on the street. Let's say that a while ago (last year) your helmet was damaged in the locker room, but the person that did it never owned up. Let's say you also have to get a replacement because someone put a whopping big crack in it 3 months later. Again, no one owned up.

    And then let's say that (last week) you come back to your bike at 11pm to find it magically in 6th gear. A feat it seems to have managed by itself.

    And then tonight you return to find white paint all over half of your top box. You are fuming. What would you do to the person you find responsible. Because, oh yes, I will find the person responsible.

    A history of fcuking around with my bike/stuff? What would you do?

  2. Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law?

    Bash them senseless?

    You have choices.
  3. The best choice I made so far was a bottle of Johnny Walker when I got home. Let's say I'm looking for inspiration.

    But in all seriousness, tomorrow the dunny hits the windmill and I will be taking whatever (legal) action I can.
  4. Sounds like a good plan.

    "Criminal Damage" is a serious Charge.
  5. someone touched my bike while i was at work too .. walked out and found that high beam was on.. engine switch was off .. and left side mirror was moved... and it was in gear 2... and no i didnt leave it in gear 2 it was in 1 wen i parked it...
  6. is it parked in a garage, or under someones desk? ie are you pissing someone off with where you are parking it?

    You could start by putting a cover over it with a simple locked drawstring.

    Or you could setup remote surveillance.

    Or you could buy an alarm with sense operation and call back so you could race out and hopefully catch em in the act?

    Or you could rig explosives to you locker.

    Or you could change jobs, take the bus or buy a car.

    Or you could buy a scooter and just put up with the switch changes and funny paint colour.
  7. Stand in front of him and just go mental, but make sure you have the foam frothing out of the side of your mouth as you yell.. makes you look like Joe from Family Guy when he gets mad, guaranteed to stop people from touching your shit :grin: .
  8. I say whoever it is just give them a little foot in mouth disease :cool:

  9. Sounds like harassment to me. You have legal rights and options through your employer.
  10. I would say you need to look at yourself and find out what it is about YOU that makes people take their frustrations out on your property.
  11. this could be the reason :LOL:

  12. What work environment are you in? This obviously effects options.
  13. Find the F^cker and break them, seriously.
  14. That goes without saying but I need the details to put forward a decent response.
  15. Pour paint on their cars
  16. As this is a recurring theme for you, i would be looking at identifying them and pressing charges. Although unless you have proof, you won't be able to charge them with the earlier offences.

    Have you spoken to anyone at work about the incidents? I would be mentioning this to your work as it's someone in their office harrassing another worker which is a big no-no.

    Out of curiosity, is it a Govt workplace or private?
  17. Are any other peoples' vehicles or articles of private property being interferred with? If not, YOU'RE the problem, not them.
  18. Report them to the police for criminal damage [as long as you have evidence].

    Also report them for workplace bullying and harassment.

    Get them fired.
  19. Thanks for the responses.

    Ok, I can see why you might want to post something like that. But hammering the point across twice before I've even responded, thanks Hornet. I've actually met you before, Aus day in 08 for Phizogs run up the old pac. Seemed to get on with you there and there are a few others I've met here. I hope they could 'vouch' for me (so to speak) to say that I'm not the kind of guy that would deliberately piss people off.

    I work in a hotel, 4* with 4 different departments. I park in the basement, next to a wall. I never block any entrances, I am careful with the location of fire exits and generally I keep others in mind where I place my bike. I have authority from the general manager to park there. I do not have an aftermarket exhaust that is loud or disturbing. There is nothing about my parking that would upset people.

    I work with a team, I am an assistant manager so I take part in and organise team building events after work. I am well liked by all the team members and also take part in reconciliation meetings between staff that have disputes. I have never argued with someone at work. I do not bad mouth anyone at work. I need everyone to get on so the work gets done. There is no reason for me to cause tension within the team.

    I have been at my place of work for 4 years now. I have 6 monthly performance reviews and consultations. My personal behaviour and treatment to others has never been an issue and is infact one of the best things about my character.

    So no, I don't think I am responsible for pissing someone off. But thanks all the same.

    I will be discussing what has happened with my GM today and will see what I can do. The paint on the box can not be an accident as being next to a wall, the paint has been sprayed both onto the top and the side that is no more than 5 centimetres from a concrete wall. There is no evidence of paint anywhere else.

    Depending on how it goes, I'll be looking at harassment and criminal damage.