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Violance in video games

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Kurse, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. What are some games you know of that are particularly violent? New or old, doesn't matter.

    After reading the other post about old school games I realise they have always been violent, I had a commodore 64 growing up, there was this game Usagi Yojimbo, it was a side-scrolling sword fighting sorta game, you played the part of Usagi Yojimbo, a samurai white rabbit, you had a certain amount of 'Karma', you'd win more by giving money to peasants and lose some if you started fights with randoms [most characters being animals].

    If your Karma was too low and you did a dishonourable act some pan pipe music would play and he'd get down on his knees and stab himself through the neck with his sword. There was no blood in the game but still, pretty hard core. Also Barbarian from the same system was full on, cutting people's heads off.

    Anyone remember any others? Any new games that come to mind?
  2. Pacman.

  3. Soduku

    People who play it are just screaming "beat me with a stick"
  4. Can't think of any right now. But qfg5 was a cack - if you didn't eat your stamina would go down and you'd start spurting blood everywhere :LOL:
  5. When people like Jack Thompson start mouthing off about violence and murder simulators, they are talking about mostly first person shooters.
    Counter Strike being way up the list.
    Basically anything with a military theme that rewards the player for accurately and speedily killing people.
    For example, most of those games allow you to kill your opponent quicker by aiming for the head, so anti gamers decry it as "teaching" kids to murder.
  6. Chicken and egg again. Do passive children gravitate to chess and mahhjong, and violent children to Doom and Resident Evil? Or do the games create the attitudes in the children? I'd vote for the former....
  7. I was a keen rabbit shooter by age 10, and found FPS games a fair while after, which I love too. I don't think it has adversely affected me. I mean everyone has a list of people to kill... don't they? :LOL:

    ROTT was my first fave. Adjustable gore levels, with "extreme" producing up to FOUR eyeballs from a single exploding human. I played this over DOOM.
  8. As a licensed gun owner and president of a non profit organisation specialising in gaming: Valhalla, I love pointing out the millions of children (and increasingly adults) that play violent video games without then going out and killing anyone.
    Unfortunately, every few weeks some emo kids at an American high school go nuts and it's all you hear about on the news.
  9. Reminds me of an ice hockey game we used to have on the 486... You could have regular rules, relaxed rules or "Aussie Rules" - the latter being no rules at all, and you could punch your opponents up all day long.

    I don't know if we ever played regular or relaxed rules....
  10. +1

    Article in the paper today

    says maybe we'll have a better classification system soon.
    Currently Australia is the only developed country to NOT have an adults-only classification. This means some games we can only get by download from overseas, and some get rated 15+ when they should be 18+.
    I just played through FEAR and FEAR-XP and it was full on gore, exploding body parts, twitching dead people, blood everywhere and blood flying out when you shoot at other characters. Mix in some horror and torture themes, it's a mess. I reckon almost definitely a candidate for 18+ but was rated 15+.
  11. This is retarded. Australia does not endorse any sort of Censorship.
    We have the OFLC, the Office of Film and Literary CLASSIFICATION.
    Censorship is a guardians job, not a politicians.

    Ms Conway is either saying that 18 year olds and above cannot be trusted to differentiate between a game and reality or that these R rated games would only be played by children.

    My children certainly don't play any games or watch any videos without my explicit knowledge and consent, and I'll decide what that media is, thank you very much.
  12. Soldier of Fortune 2. Deformable terrain engine technology applied to character models with HAVOK physics engine. Put short: Shooting someone in the back of the head point blank with a shotty would actually put a hole through their head. Noice.

    And the new AI Physics engine that's been develope for the new Star Wards FPS is gonna allow for some very evil shit.

  13. old school violent game: Barbarian.
    it kicked arse.

    new game: F.E.A.R
    my boyfriend scared himself senseless while playing that!

    and yes australia needs an 18+ classification for games cause believe it or not, people over 18 play games.
  14. Nutters come from oppressive environments, not ones where imagination is encouraged.
  15. Manhunt and Postal 1 & 2

  16. Wolfenstein 3D had blood and death-screams in it.

    BONUS cruelty to animals [shooting guard-dogs].
  17. Postal 2 has to be one of my favourite games ever. I heard you could go to jail if you try to bring it into NZ/AU, is that true? :)

    I bought it (legally... yes, there are places where you can do that) when I was 17 and loved it ever since. You just have to accept that whatever's happening on the screen has nothing to do with real life and then you can start enjoying violent games the way god intended :roll:
  18. Carmageddon - Running people down in cars.

    Soldier of Fortune was good for shooting body parts (arms, legs, heads) off of the enemy, complete with squirting blood from the stumps.

    Any of the Grand Theft Auto games. In the original GTA3 (before they changed it due to the public out-cry), you could pick up a prostitute, shag her, pay her, drop her off, then shoot her dead and take the money back.
  19. I found Soldier of Fortune 1 was more gory. I thought number 2 was somewhat toned down compared to the original.

    I have heard manhunt and postal are very violent.
  20. +1

    I just don't get the argument against an 18+ rating. Admittedly I don't have kids but surely this is an issue between parents and their children...

    I also don't get why video games get so much of the blame. It seems like every few week some crack pot media type blames violent games for some horrible shit that's gone down in the worlds most violent nation....

    Also, by refusing to give a classification huge attention is often drawn to rather crappy titles (Manhunt). The 'young folk' often know they can just buy it over the interweb from our less draconian neighbors in NZ.