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Vinyl wrap

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Wake, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. My ninja is currently red but im starting to get over it and have decided since im a sign writer i mite just wrap it vinyl.

    im thinking ill just do it white but my question is its only a sticker but its changing the colour of the bike.
    what are the rules on this as my rego clearly says red but its not a permanent change?

    cheers for any help

  2. You've answered your own question by saying "its changing the colour of the bike" in Vic you're supposed to go to Vic Rds and let them know so they can update the database to reflect the new colour of your bike.
    Just say the coppers are driving down the road see your bike, punch in the rego into their computer which is linked to Vic Rds and it comes up red. Of course their going to pull you over to see why its white. No need to give them an excuse huh?
  3. yes but at work when we wrap a car we dont have to do anything. but thats printed not a spot colour.

    plus it isnt permanent so when i pull it off i have to tell them again?
  4. I don't think you'd have to much drama myself, would take a very bored or vindictive plod to bother over the colour of a bike... sounds too much like work.
  5. more like they think they could be looking at a stolen bike.

    it's real simple. if you change the colour of a vehicle you must inform authorities. and yes that does mean if you change it back too.
    perhaps YOU don't do anything regarding cars, but the owner may need to
  6. Sounds too much like stolen plates. The cops will go over everything including your licence.
    Its not that hard to change the rego. You dont need to change the colour on printed cars, because.. what colour do you list? As long as the original colour is still visible, and the other ones appear "over the top" he will be fine
  7. Just leave a little bit of red exposed so you can point that the the cops :p

    There you go officer, its just a big white sticker on a red bike!
  8. I've seen many a street fighter and cruiser resprayed and not had the colour changed on the rego and never had grief from the plod.

    My old Duc 748 had a total paint respray and I never even gave getting the colour on the rego changed a second thought.. hell it even got inspected by Qld Transport for rego and they didn't notice.

    Sorry i just see it as a non-issue. Spose other peoples milage may vary...
  9. It is an issue and Vicroads should be notified via a
    "Change of Description Form".

    From the Vicroads website:

    Before a vehicle can be used on a public highway, VicRoads must be notified of any changes if it affects the description of the vehicle (e.g. change of engine, colour etc.) Other changes may include, adding or removing seats, engine size or type, change of body, LPG conversion, and for trucks and buses, amending the gross vehicle mass of the vehicle.
  10. dont tell them

    i did a rego check on my car today cos i was bored.... vic roads lists it as PURPLE

    lol wtf its not purple but anyway....

    its velvet (ford colour by the way) a metallic burgundy, but no where near purple

    and on eastlink, everthing is a black 2006 motorbike
  11. My old CBR was registered as yellow and black, I'm pretty sure it was actually red and silver. I figured I might as well keep it that way, then if I went through a speed camera, I could always say someone stole my plate. Although, in retrospect, if they'd checked the VIN I might have ended up in a little bit of strife.
  12. just dont ride on a highway... problem solved!

    would you be fined if you didnt advise them?

    I liked the idea of leaving a bit of white and calling the rest a sticker.
  13. When pulled over, tell 'em you're colour blind and didn't notice :D.
  14. Then, of course, there's 5-Year licences, and how your appearance may change between when the picture is taken and when you have to renew it........
  15. My name is Lionel and I like to wear vinyl.
    Don't talk back because my work in final.
  16. In queensland they also let you renew it online and you just put a sticker they post to you on the back. By the time my licence expires the photo will be 10 years old.
  17. lol...
    "Dear RTA.
    I shaved today. Thought you should know.