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Vinyl Wrap colour changing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by panza83, May 22, 2011.

  1. Anyone done it? How much?

    I have a yellow 06 FZ1N, which is a limited colour apparently so i would hate to destroy that... But i am the kind of person who loves everything matte black! I am surprised there really isnt any threads pertaining to this issue as i think it would be a great low cost/durable/non permanent way to change a bikes appearance.

    As seen here

    I have requested a quote from a local company so we'll see how this all pans out.

    Mmmm Matte black Superduke...

  2. Hmmm $500.00, a little expensive for a naked bike i reckon! that was from carbondemon.com.au, and they wanted me to bring the pieces in to them to coat..? Why would I pay top dollar when i have to do the labour myself? Nah sorry champ. Ive sent out a few more requests from other places, hopefully they come in a little more reasonable
  3. but i love your yellow bike!!!!! it's such a sexy bike!!!!!
  4. Yeeeeahhh Its nice and all, but I'm really not that much of a colourful person! I like shit to look eeeevilll! I only bought that particular one because the price was right
    From this

    To This! (except a slightly smoother finish, this one seems a bit textured
  5. your bike already does look badass! and something colourful won't kill your badass image either ;)

    what does nat think? :p
  6. Black like my Les Paul,
    Black like my watch,
    Black like my housekey,
    Black like Snoop Dog
    Black like my SOUUUULL!!!!


    To be honest I dont think Nat gives a shit, although she'll probably blog about it or something haha!
  7. hehehe nice.

    yellow like the fire burning in your soul! woo!
  8. Oh man i totally feel like listening to Gorgoroth now...
    Too late.. Am doing so.
  9. I'm listening to Old Man River "La".

    However, it's on itunes, so got about 6 days worth :)
  10. Just 6???
  11. remember how my harddrive had to be replaced? i lost all my music man! :(

    i had 30 something or maybe even 40 something days worth of music
  12. I fear i'll be alot less useful replacing your music than i was at giving you TV shows.
  13. it's cool. i've got most of it on cd's, it's just about having the time to put it from cd's onto computer... which i should really do this week... infact, i'll do exactly that tomorrow :D
  14. Fuck this place gets more like Facebook everyday. I expect I'll receive a notification about this.
  15. Thanks for contributing!
    All the best.
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  17. Ok here's a contribution, the first bike looks good except they went fully sik with the swingarm and engine cover.

    Yes your bike looks ghey, lowercase liking it has pretty much confirmed it.

    The textured finish looks like the bottom of a frying pan, but the low slung pipe is horn, get one.

    I wouldn't have thought 500bux is that far off the mark for a cover up. A lot goes into it if you want the finish to be mint. Don't just look at the bux but look at the workmanship, you don't want your bike to finish up looking like one of your old binders from school.

    Lastly, I'm interested in the topic you've raised. You're bang on the money that is surprising nobody has raised it earlier, so please don't fill your thread with pointless shit that has nothing to do with the topic. Nobody gives a flying fuck what you're listening to, take it facebook kiddies and keep this for motorcycling.

    p.s. i 'like' this post
  18. hahahaah well i am a chick!

    and i like your post too, however, we can talk about whatever we want - you'll deal with it :)
  19. stoopid interwebs
  20. Indeed. His bike looks gay AND it looks like a chicks bike

    and you'll get flamed, you'll deal with it :)