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Vintage Rally

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by Roarin, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Finally got around to looking at few few pickies I took a week or so back at a Vintage Rally.
    Here's some I like.
    4883-1.6 by speedync, on Flickr

    4916-1.6 by speedync, on Flickr

    4885HD by speedync, on Flickr

  2. Thanks for sharing. I particularly like the first one.
  3. Don't you just HATE over-restoration???

    Lovely photos nonetheless (y)
  4. I could be wrong, but the first truck in the "Trucks" post has the air of a modern build in the style of the 1940s. Either that or it's been restored using a lot of overtly modern gear. Nice piece of work nonetheless.
  5. .
  6. I stand corrected. Pity the Brockway website is even slower than a 1930s truck :D.
  7. I wasn't trying to correct you, pat, just supplying some additional information....

    people like me do stuff like that, drives the wife crazy :LOL:
  8. Oh, no offense taken Paul. I did say that I could be wrong, after all :D. I am mildly embarrassed that I'd never heard of Brockway though. I've always rather prided myself on at least a passing familiarity with most of the odd corners of automotive history.
  9. It was a new name on me too, Pat, but then there were hundreds of companies crowded into the automotive/truck area in the early part of the last century, some of them only built a handful of vehicles and then folded. Brockway seems to have a dedicated following for all that...
  10. Good eyes Paul.
    4930crop by speedync, on Flickr

    I've got a sh!tload more that I have uploaded, even more that I haven't yet. I'll organise them into an album and post a link if any one is interested. If you click on the photos, then click on the "Actions" dropdown menu, choose "all sizes" then you should be able to choose a much larger resolution image.

    Off topic sort of, but I'm kicking myself 'cause I forgot that my camera had video capabilities while I was watching some old timers start and run a Pratt & Witney 14 cylinder radial engine out of a B24 Liberator, on a test stand. At said Rally. The noise was utterly glorious. You had to be there. It scoffed 20 litres of Av Gas in less than 5 minutes. I took some photos, but they do it no justice what so ever. Nearly brought a tear to my eye it did. Ha ha ha. Awesome. Man stuff.
  11. I love the B.Martin & Sons Red Chev Truck. Looks like a '27. I drove one like that for the Prahran Market in Melbourne on the weekends. Promotional truck, restored with all original running gear. 3 speed, double clutch to change gears and rear brakes only. Max speed about 40km/hr.