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Vintage Jap Bikes - who has one

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SuzukiX7, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Interested to know who owns what from pre-1990?

    I have an 81 XS1100RH

  2. Don't have it now, but owned a Yamaha AT3 125 in the 70's. (I still have the workshop manual).

    My mate has a couple of Suzuki waterbottles, one of which is in excellent condition. He rides it often.

    BTW, your ride looks in good shape!
  3. I have a 1980 Honda NC50 Express. :)

    It's in my Mum's shed 200km from here though, so here's a pic of someone elses. Mine is the same colour. :)
  4. Classic Kawasaki

    Well heres my old girl 1976 z900 that i have had for 27 years :grin:

  5. GT750 - classic bike. Some really nice footage on Youtube of a mint GT750.

    Mine looks better in a picture than it does in the flesh. Very original though, which is a good thing. :grin:

    Love the Z900. Classic styling. One of the nicest styled bikes of the 70's IMHO.
  6. Most of my bikes have been pre-1980 or early 80's like yours. My current ride is an '82 T140 Bonnie.
  7. Suzuki Gf250 1987.
  8. This bloke lives up the road a bit from me. He is Suzuki mad. These are some of his bikes - He ran out of room in the shed so they are on display in the living room

    Suzuki World
  9. 74 honda cb450 - awaiting restoration but in running order.
    76 yamaha rd400 - currently being rebuilt as a cafe racer
  10. TruCallin - love the RD mate!

    Perhaps we should have a NetRider pre '90 bike get together? (And I'll sneak my way in)
  11. Love that RD too. It's gonna look (and sound) the nuts when you finish it.

    Quarterwit, I like the way you think mate. I started the thread to see how many Vic vintage riders there were with the view to meeting up somewhere.

    So much more fun drooling over old iron.

    Ezyrider, it's not Japanese, but I like it. Need a bigger pic tho!! It's a brave man who runs an old Triumph. There's a challenge and theres a tough challenge and then there's owning an old Trumpet.
  12. No it ain't Jap, and no I don't find it a challenge to own. Bigger pics in the Garage. I was just lettn you know that there are a few of us here who love the older stuff :)
  13. Everyone I know who had a Bonnie spent hours working on it every week. Maybe you got a good one.

    I see the garage now. Just getting used to the site.

    Bike looks VERY nice. Great colour. Unusual.
  14. 1972 CB750 Four over here..
    busy rebuilding/modding into a custom, bobber, cafe, chopper, deus kinda thing..
  15. I've had this (no, not the car) sitting in my brother's shed for the past 19 years, just waiting for me to do something with it. It's a '81 GSX750. I think I bought it in '82.

  16. Awesome. There's a pub somewhere in Richmond here that screens movies from time to time. Could get together for a ride and then a screening of "On Any Sunday" or something like that.

  17. That fairing is a masterpiece. Is it a La Parisienne?

    They are in big demand for mad max style customs. Bike looks great for touring.

  18. Sounds brilliant. Give it a while and we'll see how many possibles we get.

    I want to see that SR400 of yours up close. Some really nice lines and some tasty accessorizing gone on there.

    Always wanted an SR. One day.
  19. plenty of vintage CBR250RR's getting round :LOL:
  20. Sorry, your bike has to be made of metal to qualify :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: