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Vintage Indians

Discussion in 'Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Went to a vintage Rally yesterday, and spotted these. Already forgotten what year they are.



  2. One more

  3. Mate, i'll take one each thanks. Was there any board track racers there??
  4. The first looks like a civilianised WW2 military model (the 741 IIRC). Very nice patina.

    The other is (I think) a 1000cc Powerplus which would be well pre-1920. Prob c1915.

    However, I can't be arsed to dig out my copy of the Iron Redskin which, although authoritative, is possibly the dullest motorcycle history book ever.
  5. Oh yeah, I was impressed with the patina on the bike, and the bloke that rode up on it and parked it:)

  6. I have a theory that serious, long-term riders who stick with the same bike for decades at a time will eventually grow to match it, or vice versa. Hence the BMW owners I used to meet whose R80s and R100s appeared to be wearing greasy Belstaffs, and the rat owners whose surface finish seemed to be composed of oil, rust and Halfords rattle-can matt black :LOL:.
  7. great set think the 1st would have looked great as a HDR but not over processed.