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Vintage Enduro

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by sbk_750, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. I'm going to have a go at "Vinduro" racing. Next round is at Castella out near Toolangi. Entry for up to pre-85 bikes.

    Info HERE
    Any one else into this??

  2. I might look into this once my '72 XL250 is running properly :grin:
  3. I'm really looking forward to it. It looks like heaps of fun.
  4. Vinduro

    I attended last years Castella Vinduro and it was great. I got back into dirtbikes after a 16 years absence but am only interested in restoring the pre 85 stuff. I will attend again on my Suzuki PE400X. My mates will also be there on his 400T (but not as original as mine) and a 84'XR500RE.

    I might camp up there on the night.

    I also attended the Black Duck Vinduro in Castlemaine a month ago which was a ripper. I am into helping guys out to restore their old bikes and also collecting up old bikes to either strip,restore or pass on the parts to other guys building bikes. I also currently after a PE175 of any year.

    A small group of us out there are dedicated to seeing the Vinduro scene here be as big as it is in the US and Europe.
  5. Vinduro...! Nel sticks his fingers in his ears and goes 'la la la la la la la la'
    i'd love to get into it, and its my favorite riding style and it involves the bikes i learnt to ride on...
    but my missus would hit the roof if i started spending money on restoring a bike.
    ..it'd be the same reaction you get when ya wipe ya d!ck on the curtains after a good hot route...
  6. Vinduro

    Yes restoring a bike cost wise can get away from you......my PE owes me around $7K...but it has been worth it to rekindle the past for me. Some of the Maico people owes them $15K.

    The characters that turn up to these events are amazing with their knowledge, their collections, their bikes, their maddness and their stories, just for that it is worth going to.........the age group is usually mid 30's to early 70's for some guys.......and they still ride their Bultacos, Ossa's and CZ's like mad.
    Check out a copy of VMX magazine at the newsagents.

    Oh these are non competitive events (unless you want to race your mates) and are run on private property no rego is needed. So get your old iron out from shed and get them going......
  7. I gotta love my 'ol 83 xr200, I'm slowly bring it up to perfecto condition.
  8. Vinduro

    A quote from a story I wrote for our website after this years Classic Dirt 5 in Newcastle:-
    "The fastest rider on the day from my observations (besides Geoff Ballard of course and that Number 1 plated Maico 490 Viper rider) was some young guy on an XR200RC..............he was riding flat out, stretched out over the jumps, like a rabbit running in distress to its burrow. I had a good look at the bike after and it had a skinny half worn out 350 x 18 rear tyre and all." Such is the case!

    The XR200 was quick bike with a good rider. Light and nimble easy to throw around. I recall a policeman up in Warburton back in the early 80's where I used to ride a lot (Yarra State forest) who rode one as fast as any of the fastest guys on more powerful bikes. The 200 had a more reliable engine than the 250's of that time from 84 onwards. Do you need parts? Plastics, stickers etc?
  9. If I still had my Montesa Capra... :cry:
  10. Vinduro

    Yes, Peter Drakeford, one of the organisers, past enduro champion and long time Vinduro/Classic scrambles enthusiast, turns up on a superb 1978 Montesa 250 Enduro H6. (But he likes his 74' CZ 250 mostly I think)
    The Capra 250VB is the MX version and many of these run in the VMX and Viper series around the country.

    I hear so many guys say, "Oh if I only kept this and that"........I say that all the time......

    Hell I just had a phone call last night from guy who wants to offload a 71 Sachs Hercules 125 Boondocker in original condition......geez I might give it a new home here and then think about what and how!!! I know my contacts in Germany may want it.
  11. Vinduro

    For Tony E, Check out the 1976-MONTESA-MONTESSA-H6-ENDURO-VMX
    on e-Bay.........
  12. Re: Vinduro

    Always on the lookout for bits and pieces. Do you have some?
  13. Vinduro

    No nothing for an XR200RD. What do you need as I come across old XR stuff on Ebay occassionally.
  14. p.m. sent.
  15. Next one of these is at Harrow in Western Victoria this Sunday. There's another at Benalla on Sep 27.
  16. Maico break-o...but still love 'em....I have a nice 250 in addition to a decent Capra at home in TX....I miss em sure but they need the rest!
  17. The Harrow & Benalla events were both great fun. That's it for 2009, if you ain't got a pre 85 trail or enduro bike then get one for next year.

    No need to spend big bucks. My PE175N owes me well under $1500. One guy I know has a superb KDX200 he built out of $500 worth of parts!

  18. We have 5 mechanics at work, and in the last 6 months they have all one by one gotten into racing/rebuilding classic scramble bikes. Every time one of them goes missing, sure enough, they are on Ebay searching for that elusive part they need.
    The postman is forever dropping off parcels from the US and europe, family gatherings have been cancelled in favour of race meets, and many hours are spent working back utilising our workshop facilities. I'd hate to think of the cost involved if they actually had to pay for the labour as well as the parts. Still, to see their faces light up when they all talk about racing and the mateship they foster helping each other restore their projects is worth way more than the $$ they spend.

    Have a ball, I'm not half jealous. ;-)
  19. The next Vinduro will be at Harrow again on weekend of July 24 - 25. These events really are a lot of fun, and all you need is a pre 1985 trail or enduro bike!