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Vintage Enduro at Ruffy on August 29

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Tex, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. The next Vinduro (vintage enduro) will be held at Ruffy in country Victoria on Sunday 29 August.

    This is a non-competitive event on private property, so no rego is required. It's open to trail or enduro bikes manufactured prior to 1985 (no motocrossers). Bikes must be fitted with a headlight & tail light, and must have an adequate silencer*.

    I could wax lyrical here about how much fun these events are, but really you need to see for yourself! If you've got an interest in old dirt bikes, or just wanna do a cheap off-road event in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, then give it a whirl.


    *lights don't have to actually work, muffler does though...
  2. I've never been to one of these. Is it worth going along as a spectator, or would I just see some bikes rev and disappear over the nearest hill?
  3. Ha ha! Well I guess that would be the case to some extent. It's probably not the greatest specator sport in the world.

    If you were there at the start you'd see all the old bikes assembled, and then depart. After that though it gets a bit more sporadic as bikes would begin returning and departing at different intervals. This is the first one they've had at this location so I can't say how much riding area is visible to spectators.

    There's some shots at this link:


    These events are probably NOT a good place to start for people who have NEVER ridden a dirt bike before. While the courses are not impossible, they do require a little bit of experience.