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Vintage bike and rego Gpz or KATANA

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by TAX123, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Im looking to get into the vintage bike scene, I have 3 bikes im interested in the GPz750 Turbo, the GPz900 and the GSX1100 Katana, now these bikes are from the early 80's but in NSW is vinage rego 25 years or 30 years, there is nothing much on the RTA web site, and do I have to join a club?

  2. Try this PDF it sounds like you need a club though.
  3. Kat for deffo, with the GPZ900R a close second. I'd avoid the Turbo simply on the basis that I've never seen one that wasn't thrashed and utterly knackered. It's no faster than the 900 either.
  4. Its a shame non of my chosen bikes comply with NSW regulations , In queensland the bike can be 25 years old and be classed as a vintage with vintage plates, and even if i choose an older 70's bike there are no japanese vintage clubs in sydney, only bsa harly norton and Indian and ducati.
    dont people think old japanese bikes are classics in sydney, how do tou form a club, anyone have and old jap bike that they take out very rarely want to form a historic japanese motorcycle club in sydney

    in a few years there will be some nice bikes that qualify, such as the GPz750 the Katana1100 rd500lc z1100r CX500 Cbx1000 six and xs750 just to name a few
  5. The Katana will always be preferable because of the cutting edge styling.

    You've got the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club which operates in Sydney, Melbourne, & Brisbane. You can get conditional club registration through them.

    They are a very active group. The VJMC rally is in the Yarra Valley (Vic) next April.
  6. thanks tonye, while you were writing this reply i was on their website, and sent an enquiry, however they dont seem to have any contact in my area South/west sydney, I would like to be a future contact for them. The only problem is I dont have my classic bike yet, and they have to be 30 years old, which excludes the KAT for a few years, it a shame cause its already a classic in many peoples eyes
    had a look at some 70's bikes, a mate of mine has a close to working z900 from 1973, still has mph on the dash, I may be interested
  7. Z900 would be a great bike - very active group of owners. I was guest speaker at the Z owners meeting down here the other night (they must have been pretty desperate) and they seem like a decent bunch. And they even said nice things about the Katana parked in their midst. :LOL:
  8. yea the z900 are great, the one my mate has was an original green, very rare but unfortunatly was repainted at some stage of its life to black.
    most were in the traditional orange paint. I would love to get it back to its original condition, everytime i visit its the one bike of his many i always look at, maybe cause it shares my birth year
  9. Nah dude, you've got it wrong.

    You don't need to join a vintage jap club. I don't know about other clubs, but the Norton owners club, and undoubtedly some others will register any eligible bike from any country and any marque.

    Read here:

    Your bike has to be 30 years old, and bike must be as original as possible, excluding period and safety mods. There's a lot of restrictions on use of club registered bikes, which you should be aware of.
  10. How about the Classic and Enthusiasts Motorcycle Club of NSW.

  11. Bathurst model Katana's real nice bike :cool:

    Vintage rego aint the be all and end all, in a few years will qualify anyway, so get what ya want and enjoy