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Vino 125 - Oil leak, loss of power = possible blown head?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Wych, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. My brand new 2007 Vino 125 has something seriously wrong with it!

    I've done less than 800 k' on it in the 3 months I've had it. All of a sudden I notice it's oil levels dropping for no reason [no evidence of a leak - no drips etc].

    I refilled the oil as per the manual [even got Yamalube!], the next day I had a total loss of power, couldn't get more than 40 kph on anything above a slight incline.

    So, I've taken it back to the dealer as it's still under warranty for repairs.

    I'm just really concerned this could be an on going problem or a known issue.

    I haven't thrashed it, I only use it to go a max of 30 k's a day in peak hour traffic & I weigh 90 kilos.

    Anyone got Feedback? Thoughts? Ideas?
  2. No known issues, let them do warranty on it and tell us how it goes.
  3. Well they did the work under warranty - took them 2 weeks.

    The short version is "It was a 1000 to 1 thing with poor quality control at the factory"

    They ended up replacing pretty much every gasket on the engine.

    Needless to say I'm not 100% happy.

    I've had it back for a few days now - acceleration from a standing start seems to be lacking [ie it takes 100+ meters to get to 60+] and up anything that you'd call an incline or hill it maxes out at 60 kph.

    Other than that it seems ok, I'm watching the oil levels & fuel consumption. It'll be due for it's 1000 k service next week so I'll talk to the mechanic again then.
  4. Vino should be faster than that, maybe its still in breakin period. That's what warranty is for, bet you're glad you had a good warranty and parts available (instead of some wierd euro brand bike wait 3 months for parts).
  5. my x8 had a gear/oil seal blown after 3 months. Bad luck, took it back, warranty, they fixed it, all is good.

    Things like that are norm. They are not coming out of Boeing's factory, so expect a mistake here and there.. That's why warranty is there..

    About the power loss... Did it use to be faster because you "did" something or was it like that since factory?

    If you did "fix" it, then do it again :wink:
    If you didn't, take it back and tell them your story. You are riding it, you know better if there is a power loss or not, they'll need to fix it. Especially after they had it for so long (i hope they gave you another scooter to ride while they had yours).

    If you are sure that it is slow, then take it back, ask one of the mechs to ride your scooter while you ride by his side a demo from their shop. That way they will now that it is slow or not
    ( there is the off chance that you got used to the speed of a small scooter and now after the brake you feel it goes slow. Or maybe not. If you ask me that i ride a 50cc everyday to work, i can tell even when it goes 5km less from crappy fuel)

    Good Luck :?
  6. It's still in it's break in period - it's only just getting to 1000 k's now - but it's not as quick off the mark as it was. I got lucky they had another new vino in the dealership they used for parts - parts from the factory in Japan would of taken another week+

    No, it's all stock - I'm not a mechanic & it's a brand new scoot so I have no intention to mess with it. Especially if something I did voided the warranty

    They gave me a Kymco Expresso 150 - odd little scoot with big wheels. The difference between the 2 was obvious, especially off the mark. I also felt the wind alot more with out a windscreen.

    I'll have a good chat when I go back next week, I ride along the same path every day to & from work so I know were I was getting xx speed & where I new I could get out front at traffic lights & pull away from the cars with ease - the first indication there was something wrong before I took it in to get fixed was not being able to do the same things everyday. Although the "on the flat" acceleration is fine I am not game to try and pull out in front of cars...it just doesn't seem to have the go it had before.