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Vinduro & Classic Scramble special test/sprint, Oct 23, Ballan

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Tex, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Always wanted to have a go at classic scrambles or vinduros (vintage enduros)?

    This event will be run on a natural terrain motocross course, with a few extra bits added, at Ballan in Victoria.

    Bikes must either be Classic Scramble Club or Victorian Vinduro eligible.

    More details available here: http://vindurovictoria.blogspot.com/

  2. Bump.

    Lots of 'em in fact. Bumps on the track, bumps on my shin every time I load a bike on a trailer, bump-starting relcalcitrant old dirt bikes. Come along this Sunday (Oct 23) and get all the bumps you can handle!

  3. one day im going to get an old enduro bike and do it up so I can go to these things
  4. Sady I sold my old '82 XR200R last month
  5. any plans on changing the vinduro requirements, my xr250r misses out by 1 year (its an 86) its 30yrs old now
  6. can't you count? I'm pretty sure 2011 minus 1986 = 25
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  7. thats some damn good math :p
  8. crap.........................
    i meant 25, it was of the top of my head, and it was past my bed time

    still it qualifies for classic reg, but not vinduro :(
  9. Where do you find the bikes? I'd love to do something like that
  10. ebay, gumtree, bikesales... usually in need of restoration
  11. Nah, not at this stage. It is pre 1985, so in reality 1984 models and older. Some allowances are made for legitimate 'follow on' models, but an '86 XR might be pushing it a bit.

    Anywhere! Ebay or gumtree are good places to start. You don't have to spend big bucks either, though some guys end up spending a lot of time and money restoring these classics.

    The next event is at the end of November.