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VIN on Suzuki Bandit 250 = Build Date????

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Az, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. can anyone help me make sense of a VIN on a Suzuki Bandit 250 to determine the acutal Build date and weather its a Grey Import or not???

  2. i dont have a bandit anymore and i never really paid too much attention to it, but i do remember that it had 2 dates on it. my guess is that if you have 2 dates, the earlier one is the manufacture date and the later one is the import date. this would mean that you have a non-manufacturer or 'grey' import.

    my current bike isn't a grey import and it has only one date on it, i spose that means that that is the year of manufacture AND import to australia. either that, or they only record the import date cos its never been used before that date.

    this is just a guess, but i think it'd be pretty close to the mark. my GF has a grey imprt XJR400 and it has the 2 dates and my neighbor has a manufacturer import CBR954 which has the one date again.....
  3. Well thats kind of good news, as there is only the one date on it. So it could well be a Aust delivered machine. Thanks
  4. Re: VIN Decoding

    It is, I checked :)
    Confirm it with VicRoads when you do the check.
    If that number is the one I read out to you, that's the engine number that came off the engine block.
    The VIN is on a metal plate (approx 8cm x 3cm) that is rivetted to the frame. On the Zeal it's located just under the triple clamp (where the vertical steering bar and horizontal handlebar meet) just in front of the petrol tank. This plate also has the year of manufacture stamped on it and from memory it was Nov 2000.