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Vin has FINALLY gone and UPGRADED!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Not sure if this in the right section guys.. didn't want to dump it in "General" in case I get slapped around :LOL:
    Well Its been a long time coming, saving, asking advice, reading reviews, sitting on various bikes. Well this avo, I put a deposit on my upgrade.
    She is dark, sleek, and looks hot in a bikini :p
    21,000km on the clock, looks and sounds genuine. The bike seems in excellent condition, apart from some minor scatches, a small crack in the upper fairing near the mirror mount and a small paint chip on the tank.

    Many thanks in advance to Sheppo for taking the time to come road test and pick the bike up tommorrow ( Sunday ) morning.

    First item on the list is a set of lowering links, then we're good to go ! \:D/

    Oh OK, I can hear you all sayin "FFS WHAT did you BUY? :roll: "
    I'm over the moon! ..

    PS: Thanks to all who offered advice and answering my "which bike" posts.




  2. Dude that's freaking awesome!! Congratulations mate!! Guess we'll have to go for a ride as soon as I get back :grin:
  3. Congrats Vincent congrats!
  4. Nice bike Vin! Let me know if you need a hand pulling the poofy fairing off.
  5. I'd be honored Dougz :)
    Just as soon as I've become accustomed to the beast :LOL:

    Thanks Envy-t .... I'm as happy as a pig in a shitfarm ATM

    and ThankYou Loz , even if you don't like my gal's bikini top :p

    To be honest guys ..I'm shitting bricks, it's alot heavier and no doubt more potent than my 250
  6. Soon to be replaced by ....

    Vincenzo I tried the lowering links bit on my fazer and it upset things too much for my liking, hunt up some info cos perhaps for that model the results may be different ? Well done bloke congrats !
  7. As much as I like you, Vin, I HATE you!!! The black '01 model is the pick of the crop, that's for sure :).
  8. I hope to be smiling real soon Simon :p
    Apparently the 2000 hornet becomes more flickable once you drop the forks slightly. The lowering link shouldn't upset the rear suspension should it?

    :LOL: Paul, If I was gonna buy any hornet, it HAD to be a black & wearing a bikini :wink:
  9. Well done VCM

    Am sure you'll have many happy miles together :cool:
  10. Thanks mate. I'd post some more info up , but due to the latest events ( Vic Fires ), I feel sickened and don't feel it an appropriate time to gloat
  11. Congrats Vinnie :grin:

    Just respect your wrist and you'll be fine, she's only a 600 :wink:
  12. what a fantastic bike!

    i enjoyed my self thoroughly on the test ride, and the 45min ride home. it's safe to say it's about as much fun as i've ever had up to (and maybe beyond) the speed limit in suburbia. twas a real pleasure to fang around on.

    if i wanted a commuter bike for around town, forget ya 250's, this thing is ideal! it's easy to live with, and enjoyed some corners to boot. i'd say it wouldn't be a bad candidate for some light "sports" touring too!

    well done Vinnie on a great purchase. you'll no doubt enjoy yourself silly on it. whenever you feel it needs another "road test", please, u know where to find me, hahaha.

    cheers :cool:
  13. there ain't nothing the 600 Hornet won't do; I'm just about to click over my fourth year with mine and it continues to amaze with its capabilities.
  14. Ooo, nice, I've never seen a Hornet in black.
    I saw a naked blue Hornet the other day with some nice external mods (you haven't pimped your bike have you Paul? :LOL: ) and I have to admit I really liked it.
    Only 6443 hours to go until I can upgrade! :woot:
  15. nice bike :) hopefully you can have a healthy, long relationship with it :grin:
  16. 'Gratz mate! Very noice bike. Enjoy! :)
  17. :WStupid: it's about a 3 min job with a angle grinder, you won't regret it :wink:

    Congrats on the purchase mate

    Cheers stewy :wink:
  18. Thanks Guys !!
    I LOVE it to bits. 105km in 1st gear .. I was like :shock:
    It's amazing just how non-threatening this bike feels to me.
    I was expecting to be scared shitless even riding sedately, but I've found I'm more confident on the 600 than I was on the 250. I've only done 100km on her, but IMHO it sticks to the road better, handles like a dream, obeys my every command without complaint. Even slow riding ( ie creeping along at a snail's pace ), is done smoothly without effort.
    and the BEST part is I DONT need to have it lowered! \:D/
    With the rear spring set to it's softest setting I have no problem putting BOTH the balls of my feet on the ground.

    I could not be happier :grin: :grin:

    Oh... Loz & Stewy :butt:
    I happen to like my bikini fairing! :p
  19. most honda riders secretly want to wear a bikini... you just have the courage to admit it
  20. Better to lower it and set the preload correctly, or you'll experience some instability in fast sweepers. The back end will wallow about a bit.

    Not an urgent thing I guess though, as long as you are aware.

    Nice bike. It should keep you happy for a while.