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News Viking Cycle Warrior Jacket Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. I tend not to care too much about how I look riding on my bike, as long as what I wear is comfortable and adds to my safety. That said, riding around on a cruiser wearing a brightly coloured sportsbike jacket does look a bit silly, so having a classically styled leather jacket doesn’t go astray – but only if you don’t have to fork out huge wads of cash for the privilege. That’s where a product like the Viking Cycle Warrior Jacket is perfect.

    This jacket is an in-house brand of the online retailer Motorcycle House and at $89 in Australian dollars of $86 for US buyers, it’s a very inexpensive option. And while at this price point it’s obviously not the greatest jacket in existence, it still does what it needs to do while looking decent at the same time.


    Motorcycle House describes the Warrior jacket as a vintage styled jacket that could easily be worn both on and off the bike. That probably depends where you live and who you hang out with thanks to the laces on the side of the jacket which aren’t to my taste, but the the type of cruiser rider who adorns their Harley with tassels probably won’t blink an eye.

    Inside the jacket there are a number of pockets that snap shut nice and tightly, and there’s also a removable liner inside which increase warmth in cooler periods but can be discarded during summer. A pair of zippered pockets on the outside of the jacket provide further personal storage space.


    The leather is a bit stiff but given the price point, that’s not surprising. That said, even after a few ride it had started to soften up. It’s no Dainese or Alpinestars when it comes to that quality leather feel, but to get that you’d been needing to spend four times as much. That said the zippers and quality of the stitching all seemed very good and didn’t really show any cheapness at all.

    Overall, the Viking Cycle Warrior jacket is actually an impressive piece of kit, especially given the price. In fact you’d struggle to buy a decent second hand leather jacket at this price. Australians can buy it here, Americans here.


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