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Views on sports injuries vs. motorcycling injuries.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dale, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Interesting isn't it.

    I was just watching Ch10 news and they mentioned a study that has just been released regarding injuries that people sustain through sports, dancing, etc. It apparently costs the community $2 billion a year in medical costs and lost productivity.

    "Experts" say don't be put off by this, just be aware of the risks and don't push the limits.

    But when it comes to motorcycling there are far too many "experts" trying to convince people to either give it up or not start in the first place.
  2. too true.

    How many of us hear "It's so dangerous" when we tell people we ride?

    And how many people who play any kind of sport hear "It's so dangerous"? Hmmm... None!

    I'd love to see the results of a study of injuries in motorcyclists to sports players. Stuff like the severity of the injuries sustained, the frequency of injuries...
  3. I know that the elbow injury I sustained in a small drop 2 years ago is very common with footballers, as that's what I was told by my physio, who looked after alot of AFL players. Also a girl I know had the same injury falling over in a stage play.
  4. There is an interesting book out there by Dr Costa who looks after the injuries that affect the MotoGP riders.
  5. My chiropractor used to play AFL until he damaged his foot so bad they had to pin it. Oh, and then the pin started pushing out the side of his foot and they had to re-do it.

    He's also broken his collarbone at least once.

    NemoHac came out of his crash (it was really minor, but the bike was still a write-off) with only some soft-tissue damage in his right arm, close to the shoulder, and a broken foot.
  6. 2 billion would be insignifant if that same portion of the population sat at home and ate cheetos. Heart disease and diabetes are costing this country a lot more than 2 bil.

    While a majority of bike accidents would be minor, the most severe accidents cause death. Not many sports, particularly those played in Australia, could claim to do that.
    But you go for a ride with the expectation that it's unlikely you'll get hit. Every time someone steps on a footy field they know they're going to get tackled.
    So which is safer?
  7. But they wouldn't sit at home.......................

    there'd be no sport to watch on the TV! :LOL:

  8. You do need to consider the fact that sports are generally good for your physical health if you can avoid injury. Unfortunately motorcycling can't claim as much: I don't really get fit on the commute to work! I suppose if you were racing you could claim it improves your fitness, but then racing a motorcycle is considered a 'sport' anyway. :LOL:
  9. How much does smoking cost the community per year?

    And booze?

    Of course the difference there is that the risks are real, but the impact is not immediate, and, of course, there's the common mantra that "It will not happen to me, but the other bloke".

    And what's the cost impact of knee injuries through netball??
  10. Just watched Medical Emergency (strangely enough one of the doctors looking after me in outpatients was in the show) but some guy playing footy dislocated his elbow. At the end a couple nurses (and/or doctors) asked the guy to stop playing footy in a "friendly way".

    So alt least some medical experts don't like people playing sport it seems :)
  11. Motorcycling gets the heart-rate up... if you want it to (and sometimes when you don't).
    For my friends and I, we are all generally happier and more relaxed after a good ride.

    Scientists have demonstrated that just looking at a pair of nice boobs for 10 mins a day noticeably improves health and well-being in a vast majority of males.

    I wouldn't totally discount the health benefits of riding.
  12. Loz will want all available written and photographic documentation of this most important research project :LOL: :p
  13. My physio was sorting out my wife's knee problems (not caused by anythng to do with motorcycling) anyhow, she asked about how to get them in shape for riding, and he said he had only ever had 1 other rider in other than me before.

    He was a cool guy, knew that all sports had a risk of injuries. Him and me discussed squids at one point, after I came in and took off all my gear.
  14. Being a chiro i can tell you that i see a hell of a lot more people for sports injuries than motorcycle injuries.... but then again more people play sport than ride bikes and people playing sport are more likely to come see a chiro than someone that comes off a bike.
    I have several patients who work in bike shops and ride everything from Harleys to Dukes to MV Augusta who have never had a problem....
    Having said that i have one bike patient who has absolutely stuffed himself after two bad bike crashes over the last 8 years or so (caused by cars). He only just got his TAC payout etc finalised early this year from the one 7 years ago thats caused havoc in his back and wrecked his right knee... got his payout, bought a brand new Harley and then a taxi driver side swiped him on Nepean Hwy and put him in hospital for a month with badly broken left leg, ankle, shoulder etc etc. Never riding again due to pins etc he has now.
  15. When it comes to sporting injuries bike racing stats get lumped in with other forms of motorised sports so it tends to get a bit clouded.

    I mean normal circuit racing has a fairly low injury rate compared with circuit racing bikes , bike circuit racing has a lower injury rate that motocross racing. I've worked at heaps of car & bike circuit events over the last 20 years & in my experience you can go 6 months without anyone needing more and a short lie down at car racing but we seem to send at least one person to hospital from most bike events.

    For the stats to be of any use they need to separate the different disiplines of motorsports, after all they don't lump AFL, League, Union & Soccer together, then they can look at fixing the really bad sports and easing off on the not so dangerous
  16. When I came off and bust my collarbone I was surrounded by footy players at hospital. Big blokes can whinge too, jeez these guys wouldnt shut up.
    One guy asked me what happened to me, I showed him the bone sticking out of my shoulder and the mess it was in and he nearly vomitted.
    I went through it all with no morphine and didnt whinge like these big tanks of men.
    There where about 3 AFL guys in that day with me.

    Sport causes more incedents than bikes from what I saw, its on the news every night how some guy is injured, and will continue to play on.

    Im not planning on breaking anything again as its a right pain in the asssss. Time off work and cant do nothing. I was never advised not to ride my bike, the Doc said its probably safer than playing footy.
  17. Almost sounds like "The bigger they are, the louder they whinge". Thumbs up, mate, you should have told them that they're just a bunch of whiners who can't take pain.

    I honestly think that sports get more injuries, but the ones you get in motorcycle accidents are often more serious.
  18. According to the orthopedic surgeon who did my arm that can be the case. He told me that when they are bad they are really bad - he also said he doesn't see very many motorcycle injuries compared to sport and bicycle injuries.

    When I first saw him with my smashed up left arm he made comments about motorcycles being dangerous and then told me "that's not a motorcycle injury - that's a bicycle injury". :roll:

    Funny thing - when I went to see him a year later about having the wrist plate removed he was sitting there with an identical injury - caused by falling off a bicycle. :LOL: :LOL:

    He said that unless there's another vehicle involved - and thus a TAC claim - bicycle injuries are not usually recorded - but he sees a lot of broken arms and collarbones from bicycles involved in single vehicle crashes.

  19. something to propergate;

    "Motocycles are NOT dangerous, they're volunrable. if you're going to speak the language do it properly"

    yes i know i cant spell it properly but that's what i say when people tell me they're dangerous. we all know its the drivers that are dangerous. you can't blame the bike for something an idiot or drunk driver did. [no offence, we've all dropped our bikes without either of those attributes]

    when i was in hospital the worst injuries were from car accidents.

    my injuries go from my head to my stump. i was dead for three minutes.

    injuries on bikes depend entirely on what you hit. race tracks are designed for tumbles so you slide into gravel instead o crash rails and traffic. when you're in a car it's the structure of the car itself that does the damage.