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Viewing glass

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by slayertat, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. ive never really looked, but when i put my bike on the side stand rather than the center stand the oil in the viewing glass totally disappears, and its the same with the engine running. its full when on center stand, is this normal? Ive always just checked oil before i take off or start it on center stand?

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    That's how it works on my bike.

    Actually, I just had a look. When it's hot, you can see a trace of oil in the bottom of the sight glass, when it's on the side stand.
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  3. If the bike is hot and oil is up to temp you should see a small amount in the sight glass when on the side stand.
    If the bike is cold - then no.

    In any case - the bike must be hot and level to take an accurate reading.
    When filling with cold oil - fill to the specified capacity, not to the sight glass.
  4. That is the way it works. No drama so far.

    You check the level of Some bikes hot and others cold. Your hand book should tell you which.

    If you need to check the oil level hot this is a bit of a pain, since if your bike needs oil, you really want to find this out before a ride when it's cold not after you have returned. The answer to this is top the bike warm as per instructions then check again next morning when cold and note the difference. Then in future You can then do a pre ride check when the bike is cold to the level you noted.

    For the record, on my bike the hot level is about a quarter of a sight glass higher than when cold.
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  5. Depends on the angle of lean when on the side stand. Checking when hot or cold will depend on the bike - if I filled my by the sight glass when hot and the oil hasn't settled I'd over fill the bike.

    Basically, your generalised advise is shit.
  6. Woah settle down dude.

    Every bike I've owned 3 x Jap, 1 x Italian had described an oil check in this manner.

    If you reread my post I suggested NOT to fill by sight glass, rather by volume.
    Not sure why you needed to bring the agro?
  7. Check or change? 2 different things.

    If I'm just checking how much oil in in my bike between services, how do I know how much is in there and how much I should put in??????
  8. Ah. Righto.
    My post could've been more clear regarding check per sight glass and change per sight glass.
  9. If you are changing the oil, then absolutely do it when the engine/oil is warm and fill it up by volume (3.3lt in my bikes case), and don't forget the oil filter. Then run the bike for a bit (I usual go for a short ride) and check the level, once the bike has cooled a bit.
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  10. I always thought the sight glass was there so you could look at the gears and other mysterious things that make the motor run, so the wheels can go around.

    Otherwise, just check the oil level with bike in the vertical position, if it has a centre stand, this makes it easy. Don't fall into the trap of 'overfilling' the oil, as this can cause problems with valve seals, countershaft seals etc... 99% of the time, you'll check oil levels, prior to heading out on a ride, so cold engine check is most common.
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  11. I suspect people most commonly check when cold but not so sure that this is the most common way you are meant to check it.
  12. Heading out to the garage now to check my Owners Manual :geek:
  13. Owners manual states (for a CB400).

    Run the bike for 3-5 mins at idle. Stop, and then wait another 2-3 minutes, then check the oil level in glass whilst bike level.

    Do this every day before you ride - WTF. Who is going to wait 5 - 8 minutes before actually getting on the bike?, not me.

    FWIW, I check it cold.
  14. I doubt 3-5 mins running will make a huge difference to levels but just in case as stated above, do it by the book, note the level and then check next morning when cold and note the difference if any. Then check to that level cold.