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N/A | National Vietnam - Travel Insurance for riding in Vietnam

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Greg Culnane, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Hi, I'm a senior (soon to be 62) rider who has had some sort of motorcycle throughout my life, currently a Suzuki Dr650.
    Anyhow, my 25 yr old (Australian licensed) son is going to ride through Bali and Vietnam. Problem is it virtually impossible for anyone on a tourist visa to get a valid Vietnamese motorcycle licence. Does anyone know of any Insurance company that will provide cover based on the Australian licence only. Most companies I have looked at require a valid local licence. Thanks for any advice.

  2. Check out QBE travel insurance
  3. Just got back from there and you need to be a sponsored resident to get a license. So it is impossible while being a tourist.

    Check out some of the tour companies as they would be great to ride with.

    Is you son planning to ride alone? It is not recommended through VN of you have anything of value as this will either be stolen (by less fortunate) or stolen (by corrupt police). Always safer to ride with a local, friends or a group.
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  4. Hey mate, I've ridden the length of Vietnam twice (Saigon - Hanoi 2011 & Hanoi - Saigon 2013).

    PM me if you want any info.
  5. Your medical insurance may have travel insurance. Medibank Privae covered my wife and I on our ride through Vietnam. If you have private health try them out. Also if your son is paying for his trip on credit card get him to check if it has travel insurance and see what it's covered for. If it's a yes get a receipt number for the call and keep it close and tight.

    Can highly recommend two wheels vietnam. Our guide Long was a dead set legend. Great guy and great company through out the trip with some great contacts in the home stay departments.
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    Are you sure that a valid international license wont work?
    Vietnam to recognize international driver's license in 2015

    And it is possible to get a license there if you have a 3mth Visa, You need to get a translation done and notorised there which only cost a few bucks and there is a bit of dicking around but it can be done.
    Suggest getting onto some expat pages for more info.

    This page is pretty much the process described by many
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  7. Check that the Travel Insurance is not re-imbursement only. Some travel insurances leave you to pay the expenses and then submit a claim when you return home.

    I second the organised bike tours. Makes a lot of sense. Top Gear Vietenam was an inspiring thing to watch but you have to realise those guys had a heap of backup including local help. They also did the Vietnam driving school thing.

    I don't think it is a requirement to paint your bike pink BTW. Just in case you weren't sure.
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    Both times I did it, I took the risk as my travel insurance didn't cover it. I also wasn't licensed here in Australia at the time to ride.

    Don't worry about getting lost in Vietnam. 3G coverage is excellent so you can use google maps and you can really only go either north or south! Also the police don't bother you at all. We didn't get pulled over once and rode past numerous police. They don't even look twice at you.

    The other great thing about riding in Vietnam is there is a mechanic every 50 metres and they're charge peanuts for repairs. Just don't get a crappy bike like I did the first time. I had a 125cc 2 stroke Minsk. The thing was a nightmare. Second time round I had a fake Honda WIN, which was surprisingly very reliable! Only the kickstart snapped off it.

    You can do this trip on your own easily and don't need tours. Being out on the road, in the middle of nowhere and no tourists in site is one of the best things about this trip.

    Here's my favourite pic from my first ride.

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