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[vids] Following ray/natta/nobody on the Spur

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Jan 3, 2007.

  1. I wasn't able to get away from work before 1:30pm, so was unable to make organised ride today, but managed to bump into the group just as they were finishing up, and headed up the spur and found natta and ray, and decided to follow them to catch some action footage.

    Made some slight changes to the camera mount with the aim of improving the sound quality, but I think that I failed.

    Use Quicktime 7 Player to view.

    Following Ray's GSXR with the rorting exhaust.

    Following Ray [1m58s 17.9MB]

    Following natta, who tells me that he's having trouble with his boots digging into the road and causing him to react and then wobble a bit.

    Following Natta [2m40s 24.9MB]

    Following nobody. An attempt at a smooth flowing run, with no hard acceleration or braking.

    Following Nobody [1m52s 17.8MB]

    Quite a few of the lines that I'm taking in the videos are rather non-optimal. I was concerned about traction on the residual diesel spill trails through various corners. I also don't like to follow directly behind people at speed if I'm close to them, as escape options become rather limited if the lead rider was to brake for whatever reason.
  2. Thanks for posting those videos stew. Its good to see what i am actually doing. I really suck at right handers. As for swaying around mucking my lines up i think it because i trying to put on a show by putting the knee down. Stupid me. :evil: :evil: Also need to improve that whole "looking out the window techinque".(Looking to the sides of the bike). Hopefully that come with time.

    Rays exhaust, very interesting. Also he is very quick.
    Cathar Very quick like normal.

    THanks again :grin: :grin:
  3. i can't access the movies? i get a server error message????? :(
  4. Hmmm, might've been a temporary glitch. I'm seeing people still accessing the files from the server right now, so try again now, maybe? Failing that, try a right-click/Save As, and see if that works.
  5. nope can't access any of them, even when trying save as....oh well.... :(
  6. working fine for me just downloads first one now
  7. Always great fun to watch. Thanks Stew.
    Natta, you go son!!! Good work.
    Ray ya hoon, how do you get any work done when you live there?

  8. Was just about to ask if you noticed your leading leg is way more pronounced on left handers;
    then I saw ya post. :LOL:

    Its all good tho. You have only just started riding. :cool:

    Cathar, you can take vid of me so I can review when I get my next bike?
  9. Sure - anytime when we're both free...
  10. Thanks from here as well. Always enjoy seeing the vids you've done of everyone.

    Would love to see someone do a vid trailing you though Cathar. That would be great.
  11. Thanks champ. I'll get back to you at a later date when I get another bike.
    I can come to Fri coffee night one time if you are a regular to introduce myself. :grin:
  12. I'm going to try to be there this Friday (tomorrow).

    Great? Due to my posture I apparantly have poor bike weight and tyre traction management skills. I am also apparantly wholly obsessed with getting my knee down and as a result look like a total wanker everywhere I ride. I apparantly do this so much that even though some deluded individuals might think that it looks okay, I'm actually a really incompetant rider who would be served well with my arse glued to the seat, leaning the bike less, and running through corners at far higher speeds than at the slug-like pace I regularly travel at.
  13. I can see it now, cathars Video classroom and riding tuition... you do the riding I'll do the advertising we can make a bundle :cool:

    I should get a second set of footage and see if I have improved as much as I think I have since I last got info from you.
  14. You know, it wouldn't be a half bad way to help students to learn for some professional training school, if they had videos of students, and the students could also visually see what the instructor was trying to explain.

    Sometimes I've dealt with instructors, and it's clear that they're struggling to put into words about some of the finer details of what you might do to improve upon your current technique.

    It can be hard to explain to someone what is meant by "your body is twisted", or "your elbow is not low enough", and then have them comprehend the explanation of it when they already think that they're doing it pretty close to correct. A moving video has no such demonstrative troubles - the rider can immediately see what the instructor is talking about.

    In this digital age, near instant video feedback is surely possible.

    Oh, and no, I am not putting my hand up to be such an instructor. Casual tips taken in the spirit for what they are, maybe.
  15. Oh? Ah well, *despite* all your apparent riding flaws and wankiness, I am still of the opinion it would be good to see! :p <-- oops tongue smiley inserted so hopefully it's realised I am aware of what thread you're referring to there