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Video showing “speed cameras cause crashes†vanishes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pro-pilot, May 8, 2008.

  1. Well, surprise, surprise. Much like any other contradictory evidence against the political religious zealot line. Not surprised that information like this is quickly dismantled and buried in an act of convenience.
    I am getting pretty sick and tired of having BS laws and regulations which are based on flawed assumptions and absolutely no science.

    What makes matters worse is that ‘you’ have the problem when attempting to challenge the crap that is called evidence.


  2. /can't wait for Jeremy Clarkson to lead the uprising...
  3. Yeah mate, we will see it in 4 years
  4. Hopefully someone will leak the video and we'll get to see it.

    Also add traffic congestion to the list of things speed cameras do. It's just a theory of mine as i have no statistical evidence, and there probably will never be any. To me it seems, that traffic congestion jumped around the same time that all the stupid speed limits and cameras flooded our streets. I'd love to see some evidence, because if it's true, the Govnuts talking about whacking motorists with a congestion charge. A congestion that they've contributed to in the first place.

    For those who like a bit of light reading, here's what I'm basing my assumption on.....

  5. Fear of getting caught for speeding gets people to slow down.

    Fear of getting caught speeding also slow traffic down and has the potential to cause accidents;
    - Going along wakehurst parkway, 80 zone - there is a spot where police are known to hang out and radar. VERY often you'll get cars smacking on their brakes as they approach this section and crawl past it at 60.
    - Going past any speed camera; people will go 5-20km below to the speed limit to make certain they dont get caught (eg. lose concentration for a second)
    - Looking closely at speedo for the above or just for trying to maintain the limit; less concentration on the road. This is times 10 near speed cameras or near popular cop radar spots.

    It sickens me, but what can you do?

    Well for speed cameras I guess you can always get a bunch of tyres, thread them over the speeding cameras and light them on fire. Or sufficiently glad wrap/spraypaint the lens.
  6. I think the real reason why people go past speed cameras at 5-20kph below the posted limit is purely because they don't tust them.

    Being someone with a fairly strong physics background (studied it at University) I know full well that reflections off sign posts, other vehicles, even including vehicles that are not in the path of the radar signal, can cause faulty readings.

    If anyone remembers that guy in Sydney who through the FoI Act managed to obtain the readings of a roadside camera over the peiod of a month found that the camera would on occasion register ridiculous speeds (as in >300kph). Mixed into that were also other readings of dubious correctness. Apparently the camera operators cull the obviously false readings, and for those that are plausible, make a judgement call.

    In a nutshell, despite all the claims of "scientifically accurate", anyone with a science background knows full well that such claims are baseless. False readings are a reality. Less so with LIDAR, but still possible. The LIDAR devices measure the scattered reflected laser pulses and then apply an algorithm that attempts to make sense of the reflections and present that as a speed measurement. The smaller and less reflective the target, including not presenting a flat face for the reflections to bounce off of, the less accurate LIDAR can become.

    In short, while for the most part the equipment is pretty good and pretty accurate, false readings are still possible and do still occur, and the public knows this full well, especially after the 150kph Datsun 120Y incident on the Western Ring Road.

    So people do drive more slowly past speed detection equipment than they legally need to, not because they're afraid of accidentally stepping over the limit, but also because they're afraid that if the equipment adds 20 or 50kph to their speed as might happen, that they're not going to be left without a license and hence earning capacity and possibly their livelihood as a result.
  7. Had a GF in Newcastle ages ago, (Don't ask) anyway, When i drove up there i was amazed by all the signs warning you there are speed cameras up ahead.

    Got a lot of people doing the speed limit.. now why cant we do this in VIC!!!

    if the goal is to stop people speeding and not pure revenue raising put more cameras up but let people know they are there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So people will slow down to avoid being fined, not drive past oblivious and continue speeding.
  8. Where's that fat American nerd who's always complaining about sh$t when you need him.

    Yeah, you know who I'm talking about...............the Colombine documentry guy.
  9. Some of em have a sign but it always seems to be conveniently hidden inbetween two large trees................in particular the one down in North Melbourne comes to mind, on Flemington road I think it is.
  10. i will put my hand up and admitt both on in the car and the bike, if i see a red/speed camera at a set of traffic lights i will break (then check speed) then slow slightly again....and same in areas where i know cops/camera cars sit.....yep anywhere from 10-20km under......as stew said i just don't trust them or maybe even my car/bike is out and i am not gonna to take that chance :(
  11. Michael Moore
  12. Who has, as far as I'm aware, achieved about three fifths of fcuk all in any practical sense, but who has made an awful lot of money out of his books and films.

    As a bit of a lefty, I desperately wanted Fahrenheit 911 to be the hard hitting, documentary expose that I'd been led to believe that it was. Unfortunately, it was superficial, sensationalist rubbish, with some extremely lame humorous touches.

    I've been a lot less enthusiastic about Mr Moore ever since.
  13. Speed camera's with big warning signs coming up to them are just a secret tax on stupid people IMHO.
  14. [​IMG]

  15. Yeah, I've found this to be the most annoying, and biggest distractor in my own experience of loosing concentration on the road, for the person infront to get even more paranoid and slam on the brakes to 10km/h...
  16. :rofl: deadsy.

    That's gotta beat wheelying past the camera giving it the finger.

    Classy and tough, those Dutchmen.