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video shops suck.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gixxa Freddy, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Why is it that I can walk in to most video shops and find car dvds or wrestling but when I ask about bike vids they tell me there is no market for them.

    I cant afford to buy bike vids all the time so I would like to rent some when I finish watching through th ones I have. I have a few of them but somedays I want to watch something new.

    If I had the time and money, I would think about opening one of tose internut based video shops that mail out the movies you want. Dont have the money so just a dream.

    And that is why, dear friends, you should vote for me as the next president of the good ol U S of A. :applause: :applause: :roses: :roses: :woot: \:D/ :beer:

  2. My local Blockbuster has "Faster", "The Doctor, The Tornado & The Kentucky Kid" and some other MotoGP ones, plus a few other motorcyle related dvds. They have a nice variety of dvds under "Special Interest".
    But maybe it's just my Blockbuster that is cool like that, I remember a while ago they actually rented out PC games! :LOL:
  3. oh i love the interweb.
  4. Its because you live in SHEPPARTON
  5. And whats wrong with Shep?/ :p
  6. A 5-second google check reveals:

    Australia’s largest online DVD rental selection, over 30000 DVD titles to rent. Subscriptions start from $9.95/month. Free trial. No contracts or late fees.

    WebFlicks - Online DVDs Delivered To You
    Australia's first online DVD rental service. Rent unlimited DVDs online using our large movie catalogue. No due dates and free return postage.

    Australia DVD Rental Companies (all 7) Ranked and Reviewed So You ...
    Compare all 7 Australia DVD-by-post rental companies with independent reviews and ... If you're new to online dvd rental, check out Rental Basics first, ...
  7. Our Blockbuster has both those aswell but since I already have them...!

    Anyway, I was in a bad mood and the guy at the store gave me the shits so I went online and had a little hissy fit. now that I'm over it, I might look around the net. Seems like if I'm not to lazy to look there are a few sites that can feed my addiction.

    Cheers all for the site addresses.
  8. Have borrowed a lot of quality bike movies from the local library including Faster and Tornado, Doc, Kentucky Kid
  9. Try the local library (yeah I know!) but my brother in law manages to get all sorts of bike dvds for us through them. If they don't have it, they usually can get them in.
  10. I am no longer there...now that ho town has no class :p
  11. how 'bout a suggestion. the following is as i've written it thus far and have been kinda sitting on it cus it'll need the go ahead from the NR moDsquad.

    well, that's my proposal. really haven't looked into the cost of postage but i'm sure it's really not that much even when the number of dvds and the weight of the package starts to increase. i'll supply the initial bubble wrap package which i suggest to be reused to help keep your cost down. all one has to do is add a cple of "back up" titles and pay for postage.

    yay/nay/legal advise/suggestions

  12. Sorry, seriously illegal.

    You might get away with it if they were original home-use-licenced dvds, or you might have to buy a group licence like video rental stores have.
  13. yeah, no drama. guess those other forums are fcuked if the powers that be get wind of what's going on, eh!