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Video set-up on bike?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by FormerUser3, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. I have a question about the best settings for video recording.
    Should he focus be set manually?
    I tested it today and seems to have trouble focusing at speed.
    Also is it best to record in PAL or NTSC. The camera I have is a Sony DCR-HC1000E 3CCD HandiCam.
    The camera is mounted to the bike using this bracket http://www.xtremecameramounts.com/

    Here is a movie of my first go at this and this will show the focus issue:
    Movie on bike the video goes for 2min and is 6.4mb, I wouldn't download the whole thing to get an idea of what I mean about focus on camera.

  2. Pal or NTSC is pretty much irrelevant today as most players can play both formats.

    Grab a little CMOS camera from radio parts and connect it to your camera's video inputs. Place your camera in a bumbag and all should be good.

    The problem with mounting your camera directly to the bike would be the vibration to the CCD's that is transfered through the mount.

    I was going to D/L the movie but didnt want to wait 5 hours for it to come down
  3. Vic thanks for the advice, the vibration doesn't seem to be that much when watching, looks like I need to sort out some way of streaming the video for people to see. Any ideas on the streaming side, I have Quicktime Pro + Final Cut Pro but not too good with the Final Cut at the moment.
  4. i have one similar to that mount but from a different company plus cost me $40 more to :(
    Anyway vibration is not an issue at any speed although on rough roads it will shake but not that bad.
  5. MP4 needed to watch it. Whats thats :?:

    Cheers 8)
  6. Phillips make an MP4 player, google should point you to the right link
  7. I was only summising about the vibration as I havent watched it.
    I use Pinnacle so am unable to offer any advise. In pinnacle I just tell it to "save for web streaming" (or somthing similar) and it compresses it right down.
  8. That mount is very close to mine, however I think the mount I have has more adjustment with the height of camera, also the bracket is one piece and black to match the bird.
  9. Guys, guys. Samsung have just come out with a tiny video camera called the Miniket, and a Sports version, which has a camera lens about the size of a lipstick, and a head band with velcro fitting so you film exactly what you see.
  10. I wouldn't want to mount a camera on my bike in any event. And even if I did I wouldn't show you guys. I wouldn't want you see what a mediocre rider I am.

    After spending a few hours riding behind Sir Skuffy the other night, that feeling is well and truly reinforced.
  11. Come on RC you really don't care what people think.

    So where are all the multimedia experts on netrider to give me some advice.
  12. Sorry dude, I downloaded that shorter piece but it was audio only.

    I admit having given up.
  13. I would recommend recording it in NTSC as it is a high fps than PAL.
    And your idea of manual focus is a good one.

    As for streaming a file.
    Surely you need some kind of server side streaming software. It's not just about creating a small file.
  14. yeh that'd be right

    (and ewww I hate quicktime)
  15. I have a mac OSX Server with Quicktime Streaming Server, no idea how it works but thats me!