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Video review: Introducing a colleague to the MT-09

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Poor old Nick. He's a good sport!

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  2. Fcuk Loz I just about wet myself watching that - well done
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  3. I can tell you it was a fcukin' pisser to film! You'll be glad to know it hasn't put Nick off bikes, he loved it!
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  4. I love Lake Mountain but it has tried to put me off bikes. Quite literally.
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  5. Tree debris, decreasing radius bends, surface turns into goo in the heat - whats not to like!
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  6. Haha yeah but up toward the top.... It's gold, Jerry, gold!
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    That was awesome.
    Earned a like for the Mag on FB.
  8. Excellent, really enjoyed watching that.
  9. That road looks amazing.
  10. Very entertaining, thanks :)
  11. Great video and write up on the site, thanks!
  12. Made me chuckle, cheers........ and so true about the suspension, front wheel and not so smooth throttle.
  13. Yeah, plenty of negative points about the bike, and yet I just didn't care. I'm happy to sort the suspension out myself - very few stock bikes are built for the weight of my fat arse anyway. And the throttle is apparently a 10-second dealer fix now with a new map. Massive bargain of a thing, and multiple people are telling me the 9-grand, LAMS legal MT-07 is even better! I'll do something else first to break up the Yamahas but I'm looking forward to riding that!
  14. around the 4 min+ mark he looks like that bulldog in the other thread.

    did you ever do a Bolt review. I remember there was a thread on it, but I can't specifically remember a reveiw.
  15. Nope, this is the first bike I've had from Yamaha.
  16. That was fcuking awesome
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  17. F'cking awesome Loz.

    Quantum physics is anything but crushingly boring IMO.
  18. Neither is Nick's job... All part of the fun!