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Video Review - Ducati 1198

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Hehe, another awesome review dude ^5
  2. Top work mate. Love it!
  3. Cheers guys!

    Yeah Stew I'm gradually getting the filming, editing and storytelling skills together. I'd still love to do a feature on your streetfighter one of these days.
  4. Great review, very jealous!

  5. Amazing Loz, that's hands down the best video review of a motorcycle I've ever seen. For some reason the production values on most motorcycling videos are atrocious (they're normally made up of crappy sound and video, with needlessly long shots of the bikes on the road that aren't accompanied by any useful commentary). What a refreshing change that was.

    It was engaging from start to finish. So well done!
  6. Thanks guys! Yeah I've noticed the same thing Grumply, and I'm lucky to be working with a team that lets me spend big hours on a story like this even though it'll never pay for itself through hits. Our hope is to grow through quality rather than cheap, quick hit bait. And we're improving with each video we make.

    So if you want to give us a hand and help us make more reviews, share that link around! :)
  7. three thumbs up (y)(y)(y)

    ...and I only have two thumbs8-[
  8. What an awesome review.......covered all the bits we want to see and left out the bits that are not relevant! Just Fantastic

    Please do one on the GSXR600/750
  9. I've just shared it with my fellow Ducatisti on a couple of the Monster Forums, hopefully that'll help you bring us some more reviews of the same calibre!
  10. Nice One Loz good voice over
  11. Thanks mate! It all helps. :)
  12. Excellent review Loz!
  13. For the first time in my life I would *love* to own a Ducati! Awesome review, and had me laughing out loud. Keep 'em coming!
  14. +1 to what the_blacke said. I've watched heaps of reviews of bikes, but I have never come away wanting to buy a Ducati until now. Top review Loz. Many guffaws, and almost as much drool as Cheffie.

    (Pulls like a dorm-room of schoolboys... crack up!)
  15. Excellent job Loz. Good to see you pushing it along in the wet, even if you were being gentle.
  16. Nice video, hope you get the views it deserves.
  17. top review bud
  18. loved it, shared it :)

    (which gives me an idea...we should have a "like" button similar to FB :grin:)
  19. Fantastic review. Highly professional and kept my attention. :)

    The bike looks like sex in white. Amazing that with cars, white is the most boring, crappy colour, but with bikes it is such a specialty.